Shouting to the moon

“…And I will dedicate all the songs I know, and I will use all the words I know to write you the most beautiful verses and I will bestow to you, all my time”

There were my last words I said in silence to the sky, while I lie down in grief. I stood for two or three hours, waiting until all the stars showed over myself. After that, I looked up and watched how they bedight the azure. Oh! How magnificent it was. The golden, the white and the blue dots shinning and sparkling, dancing across the universe. I was trying to understand the rhythm, the melody and the tones; it seems to me as they were playing and dancing a ditty song. After a long thinking, I realized that the stars’ song does not need to be understood, but sensed. It was in that very moment, when I really listened to the actual melody they were singing, playing and dancing. How romantic and how vivid it was. I closed my eyes, and let them take me into the deep dreams where I could see her.

And every night I went there, near the shore, waiting for all the stars to appear. Soon, the Vivace of the song became an Adagio, and in less than a minute, a Largo described the music. The dancing stars soon stopped their movement, soon the dreams became nightmares, and soon my eyes were unable to be closed.
The clouds reached the beach and finished the act with a heavy rain. And my tears were easily hidden with the drops of rain.

After four hours, the moon decided to show up, and with her astonished and beautiful voice, she asked–weeping again?-
-How can you? – I replied
-From here, even If I was not visible, I could see all what thou hast done erstwhile-
-Oh! Forsake my absentmindedness-
-I do, but tell me, what is going on down there-
-It started a few days ago, no, I mean, a couple of months ago. However, for now, what I can say, although it is not the whole of the madness, is that the nights have become even stranger, more hideous, and unbearable. My mind is jumping so high and fast, but falling at the same rate. Falling into a deep and dark whole in the earth. Am I supposed to answer what’s truly going on here? I’m climbing to get out from this dull, empty and endless whole, which I have dig several weeks ago. The caveat was not only spoken, but maybe written some time before I knew it. The soothsayer never fails when she speaks. Now, while the clock approaches the right time, I fear this might start a grief end. Your conclusion, my dear, may be right or may be wrong, and what I can tell for now, is not of big help, as it will not give any information. But it is a bunch of issues, a bunch which I recollect from my daily walks, incautious I wounded myself in ways I cannot tell –
-Do I know the soothsayer? – She asked.
-You should, but I am unsure-
-Why hast thou does not tell thy affairs?-
-Since I know what thou will say, I do not need to listen it twice-
-Love issues? Go, and see her-
-Oh! I would really like to, but… – I got interrupted
-There is no but, thou want, then go! – She shouted
-From where thou art, it is effortlessly to say- I replied
-Thou sound as if thy heart does not beat for her-
-It does! – I shouted
-Prove it! For me it sounds as if thou hast not gave all enough!-
-Thou say, thou spot everything, but now I see thou do not. Therefore, this is the reason why I hast not told you the affairs which keep me awake-
-Thy insomnia is not given by someone or somewhat, is due you and thy overthinking!-
-Thou may say whatsoever thou wish, but it will remain helpless. Thou, the dazzling moon, who hast mesmerized thousands of writers, poets and musicians along the world’s history, and inspire them to write the most beautiful lyrics and writings. Thou, stunning moon, I have to accept how thou hast motivated me too. Many have committed the same mistake, many have felt in love with thou, the moon, and I count myself into the ones who have erred. Now, my heart beats for a gorgeous woman, who have astonished me in so many ways. Being with her is just amazing, hilarious and delightful. I have arranged the words I know in order to write her a story or a poem, I have sang to her and even played piano songs to her. Sometimes, I have not gave her anything, but I have listened to her and talked to her. Sometimes our silence says more than our words, some other times, our laugh expresses our love. If that is not a proof of how much I love her, then, Oh! Luna! Tell me what is then!?-
-Art thou requesting my answer? – She asked.
-No, not at all-
-Then what?-
-Talking with you is always a glee, being thy friend hast been an honour, and if the mighty wish, we will be friends for so more years that I could even count. Thou have listened in my sorrows and in my joys, as I have listened to you. I am much obliged to you.
If my eyes do not deceive me, the sun will arise briefly, this is not a goodbye, just the beginning of the day-
The moon and I took different paths, but from to time we encounter.


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