The uniqueness theorem

Given a universe U in which lived a countless number of elements ordered in a 1×n×m matrix: A_1,1,1…A_(1,n,m) and B_1,1…B_(1,n,m), every of them unique, but what they only have in common is their type, which can only be either type A or type B. The universe U is a non-static universe, which means it moves along a straight line called time T from 0 to infinity. Settled this, it is said that once every time, an element C appears inside the universe. This C element manage to caught the attention of A_1, therefore, A_1 starts interacting with C during a certain time, i.e. during the movement of U along T. A_1 keeps its relations with the other elements. However, the relation between A_1 and C becomes stronger, or that is what A_1 thinks. It happens then, that in the moment T_n things in the universe are normal, but then, at T_(n+1) all elements of B_1,1,1…B_(1,n,m) become C. Then, in U lives a countless number of elements ordered in a 1×n×m matrix: A_1,1,1…A_(1,n,m) and C. This happens during certain T, and then C whether disappears, C evolves in a C_1 and add a new matrix called C_(1×n) or C is turned into an element of the B matrix.

I was reading an absorbing book after midnight. Have I told you about my insomnia problem? If not, now you know that I suffer about this condition. Maybe for four or five years. However, this is of no use in this story. The book I was reading had a red velvet cover. It has no title and no author, I just opened it randomly at page number 51, and the title of the chapter said “The uniqueness theorem”. The page was illustrated by a lot of graphs and Venn diagrams. I was very interested in this theorem, I was expecting some equation’s math, as I remember from “The uniqueness and existence theorem” which talks about the solutions of an equation. But the theorem consisted in a little paragraph. The one I wrote at the beginning. I was looking for a demonstration, the author or something else. But nothing. The next page (52) a new title “Black axioms” a list of mathematical axioms were written. I closed the book, and decided to go to sleep.
I went to bed while trying not to wake up my wife.

Once C is in U, all B elements will act as if they were C.

I couldn’t sleep, what a surprise! I wake up, it was four or five a.m., I took my phone and decided to call someone, who I knew she was already wake up. We arranged a date to have a breakfast at the midtown. My wife woke up at seven, she wanted to ask me how my sleep was, but my eyes were the answer. I saw her from her feet till her hair. I smiled and she smiled, she asked me if I wanted to have a breakfast, I said no. But I prepared her the breakfast. –What have I made to deserve this? – She said jiggling,
-what? – I asked.
–You- she answered.

It was nine o’clock, and I met the woman I called in the morning, at the Zocalo in the midtown. She was wearing a very stunning blue dress with a white angelic blouse. Her hair and her face, her eyes and her lips, I ran to her and hug her. I have missed her hugs, her long and timeless hugs. After a while, we walked around while looking where to have a breakfast. Her hands, so soft but so strong. I was the happier man in the world. And maybe another man in another part of the world was thinking and so another. But it is only a hypothesis. In my world, I was the happier one. I could not stop smelling her perfume, she was talking about endless things, and I was there, listening, commenting. She was telling me about her new job she had just started. I talked about the new job I also got a few weeks ago. We both were smiling, we spoke with our body language, and no word was to be said.

At meal time, maybe four p.m. I arrived home, and my wife was there, preparing what we were about to eat. She asked me how my morning was. –Amazing- I answered –And yours? – I asked. –Oddly normal- she replied. She returned to her job after the meal. And I went to mine.

Before going home, I see the woman I saw in the morning. We dated in a café, where she asked –It seems that you have a lot of free time-
-I have the time I want- I answered.
She smiled and then her smile was away –Your eyes, are you okay?-
-Yes, it is just-
-I do not want to talk about that, let’s talk about other positive things-
-I think we have dated several times, you know me, I know you, and I think it is time to be confident enough. This is not a date for flirting, and show our best, this is a date for talking about us, share our experiences, say what we like and what we don’t. Am I clear?-
-So, I am waiting-
-It doesn’t matter how much time I have been having a bad sleep, it is just- a long pause, the waitress brought us our beverage and biscuits. –It is that, somehow, I am not sure, maybe I am going crazy, but when I saw you, when I am with you, when I hug you, I sleep better-
She laugh, -Surely you are a crazy boy, but really appealing-

The next day, I woke up full of energy, my wife was surprised and asked –How did you manage to sleep well? – I kiss her, and then replied while looking at her -maybe because I am with the most beautiful woman in the world-.
-Do not say that-
-You are right, I do not know all women in the world, but you are the best one I have ever met, and-
It was a pause, I couldn’t breathe, and I saw it, the shadow in the wall. It emerged from beneath the bed, I was unable to say a word. I heard that she was asking me what I was looking at. The shadow whispered in my ear something I didn’t understand, then I shout asking “what?” the shadow vanishes, and my wife stare at me with confusion, she hugs me, after that, I was in a hospital bed.

One week later, I called a young woman, we arranged a date, before sunset at a national park. We planned to stay from Friday to Sunday in a cottage near a forest. It was an amazing experience. The first night was amazing, and the second one was marvelous. But before returning, I decided to have a walk alone. There, the shadow appeared, and it said –You fool, how you dare to do what you are doing? Remember what happened the last time you do this?-
-I do not care- I replied
-Surely you do not, but I do- he answered with anger
-What you think about my decisions, is irrelevant for me, so vanish, please, we had had this talk before-
-Remember, nothing is forever, and what you feel now soon will vanish, as I did-
-But you returned, didn’t you? So the love will return if it vanishes-
-Before I leave, what are you going to tell her when you return?-

Monday, I do not understand, why people hates Monday, it is a very good day, it is like the new year of the week, although most of the time we have to go to work. During the meal, mi wife asked me how my trip was. –Amazing- I answered.

Once C accepts A_1,1,1 and A_1,1,1 accepts C, all B elements return to their normal state.

The week continued with so normality, so dull, with nothing interesting to tell. As the week did not show any relevant events, my mind began to think about nonsense affairs, my overthinking quit me my sleep. Therefore, I tried to contact another friend, she lives far away from my home, but thanks to technology we were able to talk by video call and then by simple call. Five hours of laugh, drama, tears, sharing experiences.
-Am I doing the right thing? – I asked
-Why do you ask me this? – She replied with another question and she add –I am not the right person to tell you whether you’re right or not. I can tell you what you may want to listen-
-And what do I want to listen-
-Don’t overthink, just do it-
I laugh and that was the last line before we hung up.

Maybe it was time to tell her, to my friend what was really going on. She may have noticed, I am always impressed by the intelligence of the women. She said that she did not expect what I asked. But at the end, we got married.


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