The spirit of the mountains

After many years, I am still unable to forget that horrible day, when the sunlight was turned off and the sky was covered by heavy and dark clouds filled with tears of sadness and lightning bolts. The kingdom was destroyed in a trice, at every minute the earth was illuminated by lightning bolts and after a few seconds, horrible peals of thunder deafen the ears. All the land was in chaos, people running from here to there, buildings falling and people resigned to a shameful death. I was there running also, running to nowhere, of all my trips, why I decided to pass a night there? But the past actions does not matter now, just survive. I tried to help most of the people, but it was almost impossible, as the earth began to break, and the kingdom started to sink. So awful fate holds for this kingdom. I did not give up and continued the rescue of the people, less than the half of the population was saved. The clouds began to descend and a haze blind my view of the destroyed city. The people who was already saved tried to stop me, but I could not bear the idea that more people could not be saved. I entered into that heavy mist. I could only rely in my ears, as there was almost impossible to see. Every step I had, was a suicide, but what worst thing could happen? My thoughts tried to betray myself, I tried to clear my mind with an even better thought: “save”, I heard screams and I felt the pain, but I could not see anyone. Until I hear a beautiful voice of a girl, the sound was far and unintelligible, and it was enough to do not give up in my quest, I shout some phrases so she could reply me something, but the girl continued saying “Save yourself! Do not go deeper, or you will not return” The voice had some kind of echo and still far away from where I was. During my cautious walk I found death bodies, the mist began to vanish, and the sunlight returned again. And after a while, I could catch a glimpse of the girl, who was not a girl at all, but a young girl with a white dress and ravishing hair. As I approached to her, I could see her charming face, I wanted to say something but my mouth did not produce any sound, I wanted to run after her, but at every step I made, she seems to recede. She said then “Do not walk further or you will not be able to see me again” I did not understand what does she told me. After that, she vanishes and the whole kingdom sank, I tried to run, to scape, but everything I made was useless. Suddenly, an enormous building fall over me and…

I woke up so frightened, so confused, so tired, so sad. I could not stand up, I was over a smooth layer of snow, trembling because of the cold. My limbs were frozen and my life was not so far from that dreadful fate. I closed my eyes and suddenly I was covered by a scorching coat. A delightful voice said “You should know that it is impossible to survive in this weather with so thin clothes as yours, what were you thinking when you began to climb the mountain? Well, it does not matter as now you are save”
“Mountain!” I exclaimed
“Yes, we are in Kok-Tobe Mountain” She replied with so serenity
I did not remember how I got there, and if that were not enough, she said “You saw my sister in your dream”
I took a deep breath, and then I got up, she said “Perfect, now we can continue our journey”
I did not understand a bit, as if someone had erased my memory. I just followed her, until we get to a forest, then I could remember everything or at least the important things which lead me to where I am now. I was sent by an old man to warn the people of a kingdom at the southern east lands of Kazakhstan, I remembered giving him something that someone gave me before, but that is all I can tell from now.
During this pause, the woman and I just sat and eat the launch we had, no words were said during two hours. I tried not to look at her, but it was almost impossible, as her beauty had caught my attention since I woke up. She did not showed any expression on her face. That serious expression, or null face expression freaked me out in so many ways. Her serenity for doing everything as if we had all the time to do whatever we had to do. Just in that moment, she said “We do not lack of time, we have plenty of it, we do not worry about the time, but the time is worry about us, as it owes us time” after that phrase, we both did not share any other words.

As we were climbing, the sun was hiding and the stars and moon were showing its beauty. We did not say any word, but as soon as the last sun beam show itself above us, the moon arose and the woman showed a beautiful blue dress, made of silver threads. The dress glow due every single star above us, but if the moon light hit the dress, it turned into a white and golden dress with so many tiny pearls.
The night came with a warm -10 degrees Celsius’ temperature. I was tired, but also freezing. She saw me with contempt. I asked “why?”
“Do you want to talk?” she asked.
“Yes!” I replied eagerly.
“Well, I don’t want, I won’t” she said and then se covers me with a quilt. Maybe you are asking the same question I have, where did she get that. But this question was a nonsense compared with all the other queries I had.
I felt asleep soon.

The next morning, we set off, I wanted to ask something, but she always said “No questions, speaking is a break in our way”
Another night, another day, another night and another day. Sharing no words or thoughts, just walking, following weird directions.

Finally, night arrived, I decided to avoid looking her beautiful dress which match perfectly with her. Never said good night, just sleep opposite to her, far from her. However, this night I couldn’t catch the sleep so easily, so I decided to look at the moon, it was not full, and yet it was as dazzling as always. I sat, the altitude made me feel closer to the moon. There I murmur “Selene” The wind stopped, everything stopped for a while, then, all continued. I whispered while my tears began to cover my face “Selene, tell me where am I, I am afraid, am I dead?” and I started to weep. Finally, I felt asleep.

The young woman finally spoke “I thought you were stronger than that” She saw me, but I did not replied. Therefore, she continued “How did you get here?” I continued my bowed walk, saying no word and avoiding any eye contact. She raised her tone “You are not from this area, I mean neither this country nor this continent. Where are you from? Are you going to avoid me? Well, continue with your attitude, but let me tell you something, if you are feeling down for what you have lived, you know nothing, I have lost my kingdom, my family. How did you manage to come here? No answers? It is perfectly okay. But do not be weak and silly”

It was a long day, she was mad with me, I was mad with her. She was disappointed, I was depressed. We ate the same every day, and the mountain seems to have no end.
The night was not as good as I expected. I was unable to sleep. The moon was decreasing its size, maybe in one week we will see no moon. Again, I turned to the moon and asked, again I received no answer, and again I wept. But this time I did not sleep. She was sleeping, maybe happy, maybe neutral; but I was in a path I should not be. I found a sharp rod and in my anger I went to her. I wanted to kill her, but I saw her beauty, then I saw her dressed. I thought I could undress her and sell the dress. I could kill her and the snow will hide the body for a long time. I had a great plan, or at least in mind it looks very well. I stabbed her, many times, she was crying, I had lost my mind. I cried then. I hug her, I beg her pardon.
I was bleeding, I had stabbed myself. She was hugging me. She took me out that rod and throw it far away.
“Am I allowed to tell you that for now on, you will live in agony? Trying to quit your own life is an unforgivable sin” she said with a peaceful voice
“But I didn’t meant to” I answered.
She asked me to calm down, then she sang a sweet song, with which made me fall asleep.

The next morning I woke up, with no injury. She was having a meal, and I asked “Was all a dream?”
“I am unable to answer that question”
“Who are you?”
“It is useless to answer that question, after we finish, you will have no memories of this event”
“Perfect, I won’t answer your questions you made yesterday”
“Yesterday?” she laugh “It has been three weeks since you try to kill yourself!” she cried out.
“Three weeks, and how did…”
“I will give no answer”
“Me neither, shall we continue?”
“You have just woke up, you cannot continue our journey”
“I am not as weak as you thought”

We set off again, she smiled for the first time.

Two days later I answered “I was sent by an Oldman to warn your kingdom from a catastrophe, I think I was late. This answer lead to many other questions, which I am planning to answer. I came from the south of Iraq, I arrived there because I was investigating something that is useless to tell, for now. In Egypt I met a tradesman, who got an old vessel from Turkey, the Turkish man sold the vessel he found in an expedition to Italy. I was in Italy, in the very same place the Turkish man had found the urn. I just arrived there because an old friend suggested me to visit that old town at the southwest of Italy. But before arrived to Italy, I visited Belgium, where I met a man who is the brother of another old friend from my childhood. He have been living there for twelve years, and he gave me a tour of the city. At the end of the day, he asked me to deliver a stone to a tradesman in Egypt. The tradesman asked me where that stone came from. I answered that I received from a friend in Belgium. The Egyptian said And he told me that he knew that man, the Belgium man had promised him a weird Norwegian stone. The Turkish man receive a big amount of coins from his urn. The Egyptian explained me that the vessel was originally from Iraq or Iran. Inside was a papyrus, with strange words in ancient Iranian language. The Egyptian asked me to contact a friend in those lands. Therefore, I set out to that country. The Iranian translated the Papyrus, but we were also in our way to Iraq, because there he had to investigate something. In Iraq, I said goodbye and manage to arrive on time to warn the kingdom. That is all you have to say”

“No, you are just avoiding the main question, where are you from?”
“Should I need to tell my past? No, I don’t need”
“Yes, you have to”
“If you want to go out of this space”
“Which space?”
“This mountain”
“That is why it is endless. Wait, it is endless because of you!”
“Yes, I was supposed to free you, but I can’t because you do not know where you are from”

A long silence surrounded us. I thought, but there was nothing.

“That’s why I am writing down my thoughts, because I do not know where I come from?!”
“I just do not know”
“Great! Now I am stuck with you in this endless space and endless time!”

 And for a long time, if it is correct to say it, as there was no real time. We see day and night, but both are unmeasurable. We continue walking. We could count from 1 until 3600 and that could be one day or maybe we could count from 1 until 60000 and that could be a day. Time was, or it was not. Every night and every day were irregular, so to say, but we did not feel it, for us it was just a day or a night.

Natalia, was her name.

“It was not my kingdom” She answered “I am just and entity which was created long time ago. I was the protector of this area, the people and kings settled here, so I became her protector. Now that there is no kingdom, I am just keeping safe their only survivor.”

“But you said a family and a sister” I inquired
“Once, I felt in love with man, but he was unable to see me. The only way one can see me or the other protectors, is making a representation of us in living things. I decided to take a human body, I dated the man. He was extremely lovely at the beginning, but after we married, he began to date other women.”
“Hold on, what happened to the woman you took?”
“She was in love with the man time before I took her body. So, it was completely legal what I did. The man and the woman had a girl. I manage to look after her. She and I were very good friends, almost sisters in her dreams. She was lovely. But all is over now”
“How did she contacted me?”
“I taught her a few things only protectors know. I think after her death, she used it to warn others”

It was a day or night, when the moon soon replied with a phrase “Todo estará bien (Everything would be alright)” It was said in my mother tongue. This detonates a hidden memory in my mind, which allowed me to remember my origins. We saw the end of the mountain, and there, a big pyramid with a huge gate. Its inside was black, but a long trail of candles illuminated my way to my return.

I am at home now, the date is January, 2017. I kept record of my adventures, fortunately, I can remember some good memories from an odd past.


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