The real world

Have you ever been to Mexico, if not, what are you waiting for?
Mexico a colourful country due its multicultural and wide gastronomy. People say that maybe Mexicans are the most warmth people in the world. We hug people we just meet, we say hello and goodbye with a kiss in the cheek, we enjoy parties which last until the early morning, our family is so closed, and I could continue with more positive adjectives. However, and as you may hear or read in the news, Mexico is also one of the smallest cities in the world with a great amount of people living in it. It is also so polluted. There is an inner war, that involves all the drug dealers (or narcos) and the government, everyone versus everyone. Yes, that may scare more than a one, but if you know where to step, Mexico is a beautiful and amazing country, with a large history, full of comedy and tragedy.

This story begins near the downtown of Mexico City.
During a chill morning, I was just looking for a book in the old bookstores where second hand books are sold. I was walking along the old street. Did I told you that most part of the city was built over a lake? Nowadays because the lake is been emptied; the buildings are leaning and the streets are curving. Over this street you can see those buildings tilting into different directions.
I did not found the book, but I found an antiques store. I am not sure if that one was there before. But what really caught my attention was that I saw a very similar store in Latvia and in Belgium. Both had the same handwriting style in their words written above the door. The objects shown in the showcase were the same, books of geography, some compass, and a table decorated with a head of a lion. Well, that may mean nothing at all. I decided to enter, and there an old man appeared out from the blue. His name was Ueueski Tlarishki, his clothes, height, skin colour, sad eyes and accent were the same as the ones I met in Latvia and Belgium. He spoke Spanish fluently, but with a Norwegian accent. He asked me “what are you going to offer me?”
“Nothing” I replied
“No one goes out without a good bargain”
“I just entered to see”
“If you wanted to see, you wanted to buy something; if you wanted to buy, you were minded to give something. Thus, what are you planning to give me?”
“Excuse me” I said and turned around, I open the door and the man screamed “if you pass that door, you won’t find your way home”
I hear nothing about his advices and got out of the place.
Surely I was in my city; there were the streets, its buildings, the cars and the people. All was just as before I entered the store.
Time passed with an extreme of normality, nothing weird happened and I continued with my normal activities.

One day, I received a letter from the government, at first glance I thought it was the bulletin the government sent every fortnight; however this one was different. A seal in gold and red was printed on the envelope. This was a bit odd if we compare it with the normal one. This seal has two eagles instead of one, and instead of green, this was red. I open it carefully. A letter came out of it and said the following.

“We are pleased to welcome you to the Tenoch city of the Glass Empire.
Sincerely, emperor Xaltetl

PS use the following items with wisdom”

There was a ticket and a coin inside, nothing else.

Surely, this was a joke. I presented my complaint in the department of attention to the community. There was no response from them. I tried to explain what I received, but they replied that those items are a great gratitude from the emperor. What emperor? I asked. They asked me kindly to leave the place. Before I left, the guard man gave me a letter.

I returned to my home, concerned with what I saw and heard. All the city was, at first glance, equal as the one before I entered to the antiques store. But a further analysis conclude that it is different, not only in its government, but in the people’s mind. More clean and respectful than before. People also speak with a more refined vocabulary. I opened the letter of the guard man.

“I see in your face the same face I had when I came here. You think you are in your city, and yet, this is different. You may ask yourself if this is a dream or death, but it is none of both. You are as vivid as before. I came here almost one or two years ago, but that does not matter. I entered to work as a guard, and now I deliver this letters to all the new ones. However, in the future you will not see me, and you will not see the new ones.”

That was all, lettered printed in black with Arial style. I manage myself to sort all my ideas, but no logical sequence was made. I turned on the TV or the radio, an all the news were about this Empire, no international news were heard. The empire was the whole world, but the emperor has never shown.
I decided to continue my research, I walked over and over, again and again on the street where I found the old store, but it wasn’t, in its place, a big restaurant of traditional food. I asked if they knew about and Antiques store. All nodded and I got out disappointed.
Later, I went to the department of community services. The guard looked at me with astonishment. I said first “you wrote that I would be unable to see you again”
“I don’t see a person twice, but you, you are the exception” he answered desperately. He looked to one way and the other, at the end he said “go home, and accept the reality, you won’t find anything that proof you are right and the world is wrong. If you continue looking and asking, time won’t pass for you; that is my illness, which is my death. If you decided to look for answers, you will end like me, young forever, but you will start to disappear, nobody will see you, except those who have crossed the store. You will be living alone forever. My friend, go home, and forget this nonsense, go home and sleep, or it will be late”

I continued my quest, but at the night, I was unable to figure out anything. I slept, I pray and I forgot. The next day I woke up, a new dawn has showed in my window. I went to work. But during my returned, besides me in the metro, there was that guard man. He was almost invisible. I talked to him and he answered “how can you still watch me? I told you before what to do”
I interrupted and answered “you are disappearing, therefore, I am starting to accept this reality”
“But what is this?”
“This is you”
“Do you see that stupid guy trying to speak with that girl? Well, he is you trying to hang out someone of your past, or maybe he is you applying one of your methods. She, well, she maybe something of your memory. And that girl looking as she were lost, maybe she is you, you when you feel undefended. And he and she and he and she, all are you or your memories. But as I told you before, this is not a dream, but the reality. You have entered to a new dimension, where will last while you live in the dimension where you come from.”
“But, what happened to me? I mean the other I, in the other world, the original”
“You are the original, he is the original, but I do not know what are you doing, I mean he. Or maybe he will last until you set off. I don’t know, I am timeless, and soon you won’t be able to see me, soon you will forget me”

I wrote down all of this, now I don’t know who that guard man was. I am living this reality, I don’t know much about it, but I did not know about the other one either, so it is очень хорошо for me.


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