About me

In my free time I enjoy the warmth of a good book, sometimes I like to read something simple, maybe an internet text, and an article in a magazine or a column in a newspaper. But when it comes to reading something, writing is not so simple, because the mere fact of being transcribed already implies an initial thought, and a second thought of action and execution. I still remember, or maybe it was not me, but the memory of my mother passed on to me, who mentioned it sometimes, that I learned to read while I saw the ingredients or other texts in the cereals boxes and other kitchen articles while I was having my breakfast. Although I like reading, there is something else that fills me with joy, and on several occasions has kept me up for whole nights; that passion that arises on the bed, in the bathroom, at the mealtime, during a conversation, in the public transport or while performing other activities: is the desire to create or tell a story. There is no greater emotion than that which is felt when the idea is born in the mind, circulates through the bloodstream and wants to come out through the verb; But it has to be contained, waiting for the seed to germinate, and just before it ripens out through the nerve impulses that reach the shoulder, arms, forearms, wrists, hands, phalanges, and finally those articulations move a pen or press the keys on a machine. The idea has to take some time to form, because if it is too soon, nothing comes out or vague ideas are written, although interesting, may not be as expected; And if it comes out very mature, the magic of history is lost, it tells a methodical story that comes to lack of surprises. The perfect idea is one that tells an unknown story, its general details are known, but its outcome is unknown. It is this spontaneity that astonishes both the reader and the writer. We are carriers of ideas and we tell stories that we do not know.

However, writing is not born out of nothing, but germinates from the world around us, from what we see and feel, from what we desire and dream, from what the world transpires and from what our soul knows and want to know. I feed up myself with books of various genres, but also of films and series, and conversations with people.

However, I dedicate myself to being a student, now for a while. I am in my 8th semester of the degree in Telematics Engineering, taught in the Interdisciplinary Professional Faculty of Advanced Technologies (UPIITA) of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN, my Alma Mater). Thanks to this institution I have met many people of such diverse philosophies and paradigms, friends who can last for a lifetime, friends with whom I share the same madness. But I also thank the university for giving me the opportunity to travel to other countries, and give me the opportunity to fall in love with Latvia, where I attended a semester of mobility at the Technical University of Riga (RTU), where I met and I lived with people from the IPN and other parts of the world, we shared culture and customs, friendships flourished hundreds of kilometers away, and I still have contact with them. My mind was opened to new ideas, and made me see that both, love and friendship transcend through distances.

In my childhood they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. Inventor, was my answer. Soon, when I decided on what career to study, many asked me what is telematics? And then they wondered what Latvia is? My decisions have not disappointed me so far, although it is valid to regret of what we have decided to do, I think and imagined that with different decisions would not be here. Maybe I’d be in a better or worse place, but I do not think about it. Lamenting will not take us anywhere other than the place which we are now.

If you are still wondering, what is telematics? I still do not know it, but I could define it as the synergy of the areas in telecommunications and information technology. We are focus in the transport of information through telecommunications infrastructure, supporting us with computer systems. We know networks, antennas, wired and wireless communications, electronics, security and perhaps cryptography; But we also make use of programming languages, we make desktop and web applications, some focus on mobile applications. And we understand mathematical algorithms that provide bases for computational or telecommunications algorithms. (Most of the time)

Inventor, what was I thinking about eight years ago? Nothing incoherent after all, I invent stories, I admire Leonardo Da Vinci. Where did I get my crazy idea? I do not know, it just came about and it has grown. The degree to be an inventor, which did not exist, slowly led me to mathematics, later to physics, and finally to engineering. However, in spite of all the knowledge involved during an engineering course, I have also been involved in reading topics related to psychology, human behavior, body language, religion and, above all, language learning. Less often, but also with keen interest, I like to read about sociology, history and geography, medicine (mainly neuroscience) and mythology. I consider that in order to write, it is necessary to know something about all, at least a little bit, to have an open perspective. However, and issues that I find difficult to read are about politics and economics.

If I have to delve deeper into myself, as a child I wanted to learn the violin. The desire lasted little and it was not until I entered the preparatory (vocational) level when this taste for music arose again, I began my studies, rudimentary or basic, on piano. An instrument that I consider quite complete due to the wide range of notes and tones that it can produce. I practiced for no more than four or five years, the taste was decaying and nowadays, I still remember how to read the scores, but I’m missing the technique. From time to time I dusted my keyboard and I set to play some notes, which becomes relaxing at times. Or stressful if I want to play a piece that I no longer remember at all.


  • Favorite books: The adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle), Letters to a Young Poet (Rainer Maria Rilke), The Song of the Bird (Anthony de Mello) and The Hero with a Thousand Faces (Joseph Campbell).
  • Favorite Authors: Gabriel García Márquez, Jorge Luis Borges and Anthony de Mello
  • Favorite Directors: Christopher Nolan and George Lucas
  • Favorite Composers (films): Hans Zimmer and John Williams
  • Favorite Classical Composer: Antonio Lucio Vivaldi
  • Favorite artists: Coldplay and Regina Spektor
  • I admire: Leonardo Da Vinci, Nikola Tesla, Anakin Skywalker and Sherlock Holmes
  • Favorite Movies: Christopher Nolan’s filmografy, Star Wars saga, and Hercules and Frozen (from Disney)
  • Favorite TV Series: Sherlock (BBC), The adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson (Lenfilm, Soviet Union), Heroes (Universal)


Books I have read:

Book Author Grade
The song of the bird Anthony De Mello 10
How to think like Leonardo Da Vinci Michael J. Gelb 10
One hundred years of solitude Gabriel García Marquez 10
Momo Michael Ende 10
The adventures of Sherlock Holmes Arthur Conan Doyle 10
The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes Arthur Conan Doyle 10
The return of Sherlock Holmes Arthur Conan Doyle 10
 The Man Who Counted  Malba Tahan 10
The Psychopathology of Everyday Life Sigmund Freud 10
The Hero with a Thousand Faces Joseph Campbell 10
Letters to a Young Poet Rainer Maria Rilke 10
The happy prince and other stories Oscar Wilde 10
Filosofía para principiantes 1 RIUS 10
Cristo de carne y hueso RIUS 10
The Prayer of the Frog Anthony De Mello 10
The Aleph Jorge Luis Borges 9.9
Ficciones Jorge Luis Borges 9.8
A Universal History of Infamy Jorge Luis Borges 9.7
The Neverending Story Michael Ende 9.5
The Decameron Giovanni Boccaccio 9.5
His Last Bow Arthur Conan Doyle 9.5
The casebook of Sherlock Holmes Arthur Conan Doyle 9.5
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows J.K. Rowling 9.2
Manual del perfecto ateo RIUS 9.2
Visión de los Vencidos (The point of view of the defeated) UNAM 9
Tragicomedia Mexicana (Mexican Tragicomedy) Agustin Melgar 9
El idilio de los volcanes Mexican Mythology 9
Popol Vuh Mexican Mythology 9
Divine Comedy Dante Alighieri 9
The grand design Stephen Hawking 9
Brave New World Aldous Huxley 9
House and Philosophy: Everybody Lies Jacoby & Irwin 8.8
Zack Galaxy Jordi Sierra I Fabra 8.8
News from Empire Fernando del Paso 8.6
Rebellion of the Hanged B. Traven 8.5
The valley of Fear Arthur Conan Doyle 8.5
The hunger games saga Suzanne Collins 8.5
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix J.K. Rowling 8.5
The complete and original stories from the brothers Grimm Grimm 8.5
The Andersen’s fairytales H.C. Andersen 8.5
¿Seguiremos siendo amigos? Paula Danziger 8.5
Extraordinary Stories Edgar Allan Poe 8
Study in Scarlet Arthur Conan Doyle 8
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone J.K. Rowling 8
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets J.K. Rowling 8
The Interpretation of Dreams Sigmund Freud 8
Kamanostra RIUS 8
El mundo del fin del mundo RIUS 8
La saga de los jugadores de pelota Gilberto Rodin Ortiz 8
Los muchachos no escriben historias de amor Keany 8
El sofá estampado Lygia Bojunga 8
The little Prince Antoine de Saint-Exupéry 8
The sign of the four Arthur Conan Doyle 7.7
The Analyst John Katzenbach 7.5
Huesos de lagartija Federico Navarrete 7.5
Como suicidarse sin maestro RIUS 7.2
The Watkins Dictionary of Symbols Jack Tresidder 7
Chronicle of a Death Foretold Gabriel García Marquez 7
 The Night of Wishes Michael Ende 7
The hound of the Baskervilles Arthur Conan Doyle 7
God Created the Integers Stephen Hawking 7
Conversations with God Neale Donald Walsch 7
Machismo, feminismo y homosexualismo RIUS 7
Pequeño Rius Ilustrado RIUS 7
El efecto Leopi Leopi 7
Book of signs Rudolg Koch 6
Les Fleurs du mal Charles Baudelaire 5
The bible
The Quoran

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