The dark train

Have you ever walked on the sand of a beach during the night? Feeling that sweet breeze from the sea? Below a white bright moon? Certainly yes, and in most of the cases, you walk with someone. But not in my case, I thought it was summer, but it was not. Rūdens, or autumn it was. The gently breeze of the sea was in fact a cold wind from the west. My whole body was trembling because of the low temperatures, my old clothes and coat were not enough to outstand this climate. I walked two or three days, I caught a terrible flu, but finally, I arrived to somewhere with people. It was the early morning. A big ship was stuck over a little cliff near the beach, or I do not know how to describe it. Near that ship, a static but big metal turtle stood looking to the sea. I did not know where I was. I waited until someone came to me, in order to ask him or her, where am I. it took me not too much, a few hours later, an old man saw me and he approached to me, he saw me with great disturbance and then he said -Sir, I beg you to take out that pin on your coat, it is disrespectful- I did not remember carrying that pin before, but then I watched it carefully and remember what it represented. It was a pin from the Russian empire, which also said работать, yes that was the sign of our slavery. But this man, and the woman with him, and the other people, looked so strange with those clothes. But somehow, familiar to me arī, also, I mean.

I asked the old man about this place.

-You are not from this lands, am I wrong? You are in Jūrmala, that ship is a hotel, do you know what a hotel is? Great, if you want to know the country, Latvia, we are in Latvia- he answered.

p1010776“Latvia? Why that name means something to me?” I thought.
-How and where did you came from? – He asked.

Am I allow to answer that I do not know and that a dark train brought me here? Maybe or maybe not. -I do not know- answered I with so confusion.

-Your English is unnatural, but you do not sound as Russian or Latvian, not even from Lithuania. So you also do not known your origins?-

What? What did I hear? -Master Vitaly! – Said I with great enthusiasm.

-How do you know my name? – He asked with more concussion than I.

-You set me free, from Russia, from Vladikavkaz, when the first train to Baku departed, remember?-

-I have never been there- said he with grief -Now, go away to mess up with other people, young idiot-

-No, sir, atvainojus, es, I am confused, I do not know where am I or where did I got here, just, this will sound childish, but a dark train came in the night and throw me here, well, not here, but far from here. I have been walking this days in the cold sand, hoping to find answers-

The old woman, who seems to be the wife of the man, looked at the man with fear in her eyes.

-Boy- said he -can you describe your trip inside the train?-

I told him how did I ended here, he thought for a long while, and after a long silence, he finally said -Boy, you are not meant to be in this world, you are not died but you are not alive also. You have to return to your own world, back in the Russian Empire, as far as I know from your pin. If you stay longer in this place, oh! What a misfortune you will bring?! – He cried in agony.

-But how can I get back? – asked I.

-Go to the train station and wait until the dark train picks you up, the railroader will know if someone has leave the train in a mistaken place-

I said paldies, and I went to Maori station. I wait there, until I saw a young woman talking to someone by phone, I recognized Russian in the conversation, but she was speaking to fast I did not catch any word, except one, very important, Aidana. My heart starts beating rapidly. The young woman hung up and I said –здравствуйте, I heard you said Aidana, do you know any Aidana”

-Who are you?-

-I received this letter from here two nights ago, and I do not know who she is-

I show her the letter, she read it, and she exclaim -aha! So that is your name, are you from Italy or Spain?-

Я не знаю– (I do not know) I felt ashamed for this answer, but what could I say?

-Well, I do not believe you at all, but yes, I know someone who is called Aidana, just in this moment I am planning to visit her-

I smiled, and we entered to the train, she paid my trip, and I tried to explain what happened, she thought that I was on drugs, varbut, that could be an answer, which could explain all my adventures. We did not talk anymore, until we arrive to Ķīpsala, so tall and white buildings stood over the island, she told me that those are a hostel for Students from the Riga technical university. I was surprised, all the new technologies I have never seen before, but I knew, somehow.

We entered to one of the buildings, and in the lobby, she introduced me to Aidana. She was, like Aida. The young woman, whose name is Nadia, went to visit some other friends. While I stayed with Aidana.

“I have never seen you before, how do you know me?” She asked.

“I received this letter, from you, three days ago”

“So, you came from Russia”

“No, the letter was delivered to me during the night while I was in Jūrmala”

“But, this does not make any sense”

“Do you think I am on drugs?”

“Maybe, but tell me your story”

I did it, she was as serious as the Aida I remembered. But graceful. I tried to make her laugh, but she said that my jokes were silly. So I continued with my story, whereas as soon as I told her how I managed to get out of the dark train, she yelled at me with so anger and fear “Get out of this place, now!”

“But, but why?”

“I said now! Do you understand me? I do not know who you are and what do you try to do, but I don’t want to see you again”

I left the building, I said sorry and извините, but she started to cry. She covered her face with her hands, and I was throw to the cold streets, again.

I managed myself to survive, living in the pubs and bars during the night, and sleeping in the streets during the day; eating what I found anywhere. But I was falling in love with the city, Riga was its name. Beautiful, the people were so good, I asked for help, and they helped. I tried to help them also. But winter was about to come, the reddish leafs were gone, the golden leafs were also gone, soon the white was about to cover the whole city, and without a place where to live, I thought that surely, this was my end.

During one day, I went to the central tirgus which is a central market, hoping to find something to eat. I found a little bit, but something was better than nothing. There, I found Nadia, she was surprised to see me, just as I was. She told me that Aidana felt bad for what she said to me. I said that it was OK, I have heard worst things. My long beard and my clothes made me look so bad, no one wanted to be closed to me and yet, Latvians tried to help me. I was a vagabond. Nadia almost recognize me, she was hesitating, at the beginning, she did not know if I was that guy she met in Jūrmala. I asked her, no, I beg her to let me sleep in her home, a couch, a warm place is what I wanted. I would not be able to bear the cold temperatures. She accepted after thinking it. I was so happy, a real place to sleep, finally.Riga_akmens_tilts_stone_bridge.jpg

Before Christmas, I was walking on the Akmens’ bridge, from the National Library, to the
old town, there I found Aidana again. She was happy to see me, she smiled and I, well, I just say “Hi” she ask me to forgive her for what she said, I replied that there was nothing to forgive, I am good. Then she answered “yes, I know all the stories of the world, I have seen all you have asked and yes, I know where you are”

We walked and in a beautiful park, near the river we talked, she continued “Someone say and someone know what happened to you, but no one is allowed to tell you what happened to you, except the death. I will break the rule for you. You entered to the black train, the train which travel through dimensions. You entered there by mistake or because you meant to do it. Those who travel in the dark train have never get out alive, but you did it. Those who have entered the dark train, and then get out, forget their past memories, but you did not forget your memories at all, you know where you were before. But you have forgotten your origins, and if you stay here, you will forget all you know. People say, as they are superstitious, that if you manage to get out of the dark train alive, you will bring misfortune to the world. That is not true, but you will become crazy, you will forgot how to speak and how to write, you will forget how to eat and how to move, and, at the end, you will forget how to live, you will die after long years of suffering. But you have something which is protecting you, that lapis lazuli you told me before. Do you want to show it to me?”

I did, and the blue egg shape rock was now smaller than in the past.

“Strange, it is similar as the one in my sister’s neckless. But you see? It is decreasing its shize, soon it will be nothing and you will start to forget. Return to the place the train left you, and wait until it appears again. This time, use the last protection of the lapis lazuli. Get out of the train when the rock vanishes at all. Keep your writings, as you will forget everything you have lived here and what you lived there in Russia, but you will return to your homeland, to your family and friends. I cannot walk with you, but I will watch you from the skies.”

I walked through all the beach, the moon was shining with more brightness than ever. The train, with all the cold whispers, arrived, and I wave my hand to the moon. And then I went to the nowhere in an endless night.

After a long time, the lapis lazuli vanishes, and I went out of the train. Midday it was, and I was lost in the middle of a crowd trying to enter to the metro. Where am I? Mexico, yes I my homeland.

I had to read my writings in order to know what happened to me, long and interesting stories await for me and for you, dear reader..


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