24 Hours (version 1.0)

I thought I forgot you; however, and actually, autumn weather just brings the memories of what we try ever to be and we lost. When our eyes met, our smiles replied unconsciously; it was then almost nothing to do and much to ignore. If I sat on your right or your left it’s meaningless by now, if you were with your classic white dress, or if you were covered from the chilly winds with an orange or blue sweater, it is something I do not care тоже. If what you did while you browsed through the enormous book of internal medicine was to give a light reading or review before a test, I do not know, and it is of no matter also.

Until a week ago, everything was of no care to me, a vain memory of a happy, nostalgic, adventurous and tragic event, now only echoes between dreams and talks accompanied by drinks. I никогда tried to forget the pleasant and fervent night that we met, but I also did not allow any single memory hunt me or tie me to avoid my future. Everything, was just like that, until a week ago.

Seven days had to pass to get the courage to write what I am about to tell. And it is that as soon as we met, our meetings were as ephemeral as the moment that lasted our concurrence or friendship. Two years has count the bright moon, and two years supports the sun. However, for the avid eye and the critical ear; not even twenty-four hours are sum up after adding all the times we met. It is a reflection that leads to dead ends and a sum which proves nothing. But maybe. A day in which we try to know all about us, a day when I discovered that by your side I did not require anything else to be happy, a day when I looked the real beauty through your eyes, a day in which between your arms I found peace, a day in which all the feelings came together to form one only, which would release me from the highest peak to finally destroy me into hundreds, thousands or countless pieces.

The talks did nothing, but to light a flame that was for so long sleep. In your voice I never found any negative, only your acceptance to me. Or maybe there was one, and in more than one occasion I could notice, and as anyone who has been blinded by the light of beauty, which has been shaky for tachycardia or has been stripped of his consciousness due to a woman who we always imagine to find, and when we do, we regret.

Remember the rain that brought us together? He had forgotten, and it was these winds that have brought the cumulus and cumulonimbus past to remind me that you are still there, outside, and walking on the streets of this small city. So small is it, ironically, we have never found each other again. I would be lying if I told you that I do not expect you, however, I always walk expecting to find you, with the fear to see you with someone else. It’s a risky bet, which I’m willing to take, so I can see you again.

Some believe in fate and others in chance, I believe and doubt about both. If by chance we met and fate separated us, is not so different if the fate brought us together and chance separated us. We are now standing at the same point, one far from another. In one day I tried to be something with you, just to realize that we won’t be anything. If the destiny sends you this story, or chance wants you to read it, for me it will be the same, and I still keep thinking about you. I might no longer feel the fervent love as before, maybe … Yet I would be so happy if I saw you.


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