The only god, an introduction

As soon as I returned to my homeland, I was received by the only people which always supported me, my family. We were glad to see each other again, after a long time. Even tough, my thoughts were still there, in the valsts I left just eighteen hours ago. My feelings were in shock; happiness and sadness, joy and nostalgia.

This night and the following days, I talked about all my adventures there, in the old world. I felt new in my own city. It took me a while to get used to it.

To see my family, was a pleasant feeling. However, I didn’t feel quite good inside my house. At the beginning I thought it was because I got used to live in a student’s dormitory. But then I felt as if something was always behind me.

I decided to check all the house, finding nothing odd, or that was I thought until I saw a little kittle made of pottery. Its top was open and I closed it. But then, I want to know what was inside that kittle. From the outside it looked just as a souvenir from Canada, whereas in the inside it has some strange herbs with no odour. I put the top on it, and I finally could rest.

And so it was for two or three days, when the top was opened again. And again that strange presence was making mischiefs through the house. I closed it and it managed to open the kittle again. This happened for almost one month. I continued my normal life, but every night when all lights were turned off, and nothing more than the silence reigned the house, the spirit decide to walk, run and jump in the house. I had some bad experiences with ghosts or that kind of things some years ago. But the feeling produced by this being, was different. The cold and the sadness were not what I felt, just the uncomfortable feeling of been observed.

One night, I opened the kittle and wait near it. Anything happened. And when I was just falling asleep, a little cougar jumped outside the kittle, I pursued all over the house, and when I caught it I asked its name. “Chalchiuetecélotl” it answered. I had to ask twice to understand its name. When I understood its name, I asked why is not an owl (As in the ancient Mexican culture, that name was the name of a god with the shape of an owl). The cougar answered with a strong and deep masculine voice “Do you see the sun beams coming from out there? Well, the morning star I about to show itself soon, and the night has already finished. I am an owl in the nights and a cougar during the day”

“But tell me, who are you?” asked I again.

“I am the protector of this family”

“I thought Chalchiuetecélotl was a god for the Aztec mythology”

“They thought the same, but we are not gods”

“You? You mean, are you more of you?”

“Sí, in fact, we are protectors of the same family, the Chalchiuetecélotl, and every family has a protector. Unfortunately, they are sent by the creator, the only god, but he does not give us address or directions. So, we last to get to our destinations. That is why I am here, and I was not before.

We continued talking about the other protectors and about the “only god”.

It said that every family has a protector, a spirit which covers the family from every physical, psychological and spiritual danger. They have an animal shape in order to do not scare the people. The spirits have a different shape depending on the place they live. Every type of animal has also its protector and every plant too. In short, every living being has one, with different shape and name. They can teleport, as they do not live on our three dimension universe, but in a universe with higher number of dimensions.

Now, if you find something strange in your house, try to talk to it and discover if that is your protector o not.


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