A new moon

Another memory from my short time in Latvia.

While the sun was hiding, and the starts started to show themselves in the dark sky, my friends and I were returning from the magic town of Sigulda. Never in my life before I had been in such a quiet, beautiful, colourful and changing placed. We went in summer, and now in autumn. Our eyes were astonished by the deep red, yellow and orange hues. If I had the opportunity to return to Latvia, I would return to Sigulda with no doubt.

During the night, a hundred of thoughts were running through my mind, going from here to there. My body was tired, but my mind reckless as always, did not allow me to rest. I could list some of the thoughts, but that would be useless, as they were meaningless.
The sun showed itself at eight, and again I had to struggle with my lack of sleep. The day continued with its ordinary events, and soon night arrived again, with all its ghosts which did not let me sleep. Oh! What a misfortune I had to suffer again. This night, the autumn’s wind was blowing with more strength than the previous days. The sound of the little whirls made by the wind, were at some point, scaring; like if a whisper of hundreds of people.
And so, the night continued, until the wind stopped, taken away the clouds which were covering the stars and the precious moon. I was watching through the window during all this events. And when the bright moon was shown, I felt so different than before. I knew who she was, but somehow I felt as if “she” was not “she”. But I said no word, just saw the beauty of her, and that was how I felt asleep. During my sleep I heard whispers which recited “Meet me where the colours change, meet me where the wind runs”.
I woke up with that voice in my mind. I had to say that her Russian accent was so strong. During the daytime I was trying to understand which place was it. And again in the night, the same words were repeated in my dreams. And the next day, without saying a word, I took the train to Sigulda. There I walked looking for a sign or a person, but the darkness of the night was arriving, and she did not appear. I had no place to stay, and the cold wind started to blow with force again.

Finally, the moon show itself, and the voice that I heard during my dreams said “Thank you for your waiting, I’ll try to get back your time you spend here”. I was a bit sad and angry after waiting more than eight hours, but her voice relieved me from my bad feelings. I think a big smile was drawn over my face. Then the moon said “Hold on”, a heavy wind covered her, and at the next moment, a beautiful girl with long, straight and black hair was in front of me. I had no words to say. She replied to the silence “I have to say that I never requested to meet you here”
My mind was in shock, then, who told me?
“It was your own mind which produced that weird thought, you just came to Sigulda yesterday and wanted to return, then, you associated a woman’s voice to me. I listened to your annoying thoughts, so I decided to meet you here as your mind asked you” she replied.
“But why?” asked I.
“Your subconscious wanted to meet me, just after you saw me during ereyesterday” she answered.
I was astonished because of her beauty, “How can I call you?” I asked.
A new long silence surrounded us, and then I asked something, I received and answer to it, and that lead to another question. Finally, Indira said “You ask a lot and learn nothing”.
“What do you mean?” I asked again.
“Here we go again” She said to herself, but she did not answer to me, she just said goodbye.
At the next morning, or midday, I woke up in my room. How did I get here? I do not know, but my old talk from last night gave me peace and relief to my soul.

After that night, a week or two passed without seeing her. And then, one evening, I saw her walking on the street near a park. I immediately ran after her. Both were happy for meeting again. We talked for a while, and then we said goodbye. Since that evening, both of us met just after the sunset, and talked for so many hours, about everything.
Unfortunately, these days which I slept just a few hours, were making some ill in my mind. One of those days, Indira said to me “I am glad to have met someone like you. I have learnt so many things, and I might say that you have also learnt a lot from me. However, I think that you feel uncomfortable with me, your thoughts are se weird and scribbled, as I can see in your eyes.
That night, I said nothing, I just let here talked all the night. The next evening, Indira and I met in a café, where we had dinner, after that, I gave her a hug, she gave a step away and asked “what? What are you trying to do?” I have never seen a perplexity face like that, so I said “This is a date, isn’t it?” and she replied overwhelming “no, you cannot date the moon”. After that, a cold wind covered us and she returned to her place in the skies.

I asked her to forgive me, but I received no answer. My bad sleep had made me think the unthinkable, and my mind was not here in the Earth, not even in the living space, but further, beyond the afterlife.
What happened next is something you know, a conversation between Daugava and me.


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