A wish

Does it was a dream or part of the reality? That is something I cannot tell. But what I am sure of, is the next story I will tell.

As every morning, I wrote down my dreams on a notebook. Dozens of notebooks are stocked inside my wardrobe, telling untold stories of my subconscious. However, the adventures of this last night were so mysterious, peculiar and with a lack of mystical details. As soon as I woke up, I couldn’t tell if I dreamt or remembered a past experience. I tried not to pay attention to something which was in fact just a dream, which means nothing. But I am so neurotic and special when it comes to dreams. My mind cannot stop thinking about it, and a net of possibilities is made by my brain, trying to explain the mystery of the last night. I know this might sound clumsy, and perhaps it is, as I am so unwise. But anyways, during all the day, I do nothing more than think about the secret message given in my dream.
“A message?” asked, with a clumsy laugh, a little voice inside me
“How do you call it, then?” I reply
“Just a dream, different from the others, but at the end a dream” the sharp voice answered.
Maybe it was true, as it would not be the first time I peruse a dream with awful results. However, this time I felt different from other dreams. The feeling of have been there, the so many details, and, well, something I cannot remember.
I took my stuff and set off to the old region of the north. I was planning to get there in three months, if no war stops me. And as planned, I got there one warm night, all was calm, no sound could be heard, but all the people was there in the streets, just standing and looking to the sky. I was wondering, why do all people were there, just staring to the infinite cosmos.
While I looked closely, I realize that all the people where carrying white paper globes. Suddenly, a hard sound of a gong made all the people to light up a tinder and with that, lit the globes so they can float and touch the skies. The spectacle was amusing, hundreds of paper globes flying to the skies, to the moon and then to the stars. I felt odd without throwing one. But an old woman, who was close to me and saw my face, gave me one globe and then she said something I couldn’t understand quite well, as I do not know their language. However, I distinguished and important phrase among all the words the woman spoke. “Throw it and ask for a wish”. I could only reply with a word I know “Rajmet”. The woman then vanishes. Immediately, I lit up the globe and throw it. After my globe flight enough, the moon become brighter than before. After that, a band started playing music, and an enormous party in all the streets began.


I walked through them, looking for someone I had not seen since a while. And among the people I recognized a sweet voice. The only think my thought about was “Masha”, and that was the name I shouted to the air. I shouted it several times, until I received and answer “who is there?”, “where are you?” After a while, we finally met. Both were so happy to meet each other again, it was unplanned and spontaneous, and therefore it made this encounter more funny and enjoyable. We talked until her boyfriend arrived, and she introduced him to me. A very nice person, as far as I can say. Together talked about our different adventures in our different home places. We turned our sight to the sky, and I saw how the moon shone even more than before, and seconds later it disappeared. All the people who noticed this change above them screamed astonished and frightened.
Masha asked what happened, and I said “It was my wish”,” To make the moon disappeared?” she replied with fear. “Calm down, I could not be able to ask for that, but you will see”.
The moon did not appear in the next minutes. A strange felling surrounded us, the music stops, and the people stared to the empty sky. Finally, the moon reappeared, but with a reddish colour. People continue watching the great spectacle, as they thought it was a normal eclipse; but I knew it was not such natural event, as I knew the astronomical charts. I asked Masha, if she knew where I could find a horse or a transport to the south. She point to a barn. I run to that place, and Masha followed me, as she wanted to know the reason of all the excitement. I say no word, I just wanted to go to the south, to the Kok Tobe Mountain.
I stole a horse, and behind me, Masha and her boyfriend were riding a horse too.

I do not remember how many days the trip took us, but the moon was still showing her reddish colour. I was afraid to not get on time, every minute and every second counted.
It was Friday, just a few minutes before to the sunset, we arrive to foothill of Kok Tobe. I kneel and made a pray. After one hour of meditation, which was interrupted by Masha’s boyfriend, I said “She is there”. I could see in their faces the mystery, anxiousness and doubt. But I could not explain them, there was no time. They thought we had to climb up the mountain, whereas what we really have to do was to find the entrance to the heart of the mountain. We walk around, looking for a door, or something similar. And at midnight, we saw a light coming from a cave covered by some kind of trees. They hesitate whether to enter or not, but my mind was completely decided to entered, so there was no option for me.

The maze, as I called it, was the beginning to the cave, and also, the beginning of my dream. Somehow, I remembered the chambers and path of this maze, so I knew where to walk or where to turn right or left. After finishing the maze, the cave continued with a thousand of stairs going up. This endless path, showed me images of me and the people I have ever met during my entire live, all of them passing by and going downstairs.
Hours, minutes or even years, took me to reach the end of the stairs. And there she was, the beauty in human shape. I wanted to see her eyes, and kiss her mouth, to hear her voice and to talk with her. But none of these thoughts were possible, as the prince Karañgi, or prince of darkness, had captured her. But her beauty blinded my thoughts and actions. I was unable to see what the prince was doing, and suddenly, a poison arrow hit me in my chest. It immediately unblinded me. Perhaps my body was poisoned, but my soul remained untouched. I used the same arrow to strike back the attacks of Karañgi. I thought I had some advantage over him, until he spoke with a bold voice “Whatsoever you might think, you must know your friends outside the cave are doomed. I have already sent the shadows of the night to cover them” I wanted to go back, but I could not let her here with Karañgi. The decision was hard, I could keep fighting, but my body was weak due the poison. I received some hits more, before I started to die. At the beginning it was painful, but somehow my body manage to feel good, a happiness overrun me, I closed my eyes.

“I love you” were my first words after waking up. She replied with a similar phrase, and then she asked me “Are we going to visit our friends at the north?”

That morning, I promised to myself, that I will not let anything bad happened to her. I have not been so wrong since then. Never make a promise you will not keep. Now, I wish I could help her.


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