The gems of wisdom

During my long voyage, I stopped for a while and thought about an old friend who lived far away from where I was. I was about to advance to the southern regions of the new world, when I decided to turn around and take the first ship to the northern sea. It took me nearly one year to get to the old region of the north east of Kazakhstan, now knows as Pavlodar, I did not recognize anything, and the postcards sent by my old friends looked so different from the real old kingdom. I was looking for survivors, but there was no one, or at least that was what one could see at first sight. All buildings, houses and monuments were devastated, destroyed not by nature but by someone. Fire and ice; that was what I saw. Oh god! Who in his all senses could ever done that? As I wrote this, and remember this tragedy, my eyes try to do not weep, but it was almost impossible, and my tears dropped over my face. The entire forest has been fired, the entire live has been taken away. I cannot think, I cannot imagine how evil a human can be; but this is not my imagination, this is the reality, this is a war.

I found a horse trapped between wood scraps, I helped it and ride it in order to surround what the kingdom was, at a first glance, I thought as if the people could have no chance to survive the wild attacks, but after looking closing to the soil and some collapsed buildings, I notice some footprints, all going to the northwest, where the castle should be. I ride the horse, and an hour later I got to the castles, or the ruins of it, as it was also destroyed. My heart pulse increased, I could barely breathe, I wanted to enter, but I did not want to see what my mind was thinking. Of course, there were a lot of chances of being wrong. But anyways, I did not enter to the ruins, I continue looking in the soil some clues to know if there were survivors. But there were no more footprints, and the earth was wet. Clearly, the recent rains had erased my only way to find who I wanted to see.

During another walk at the outsides of the kingdom, I found hundreds of death bodies, my head, my mind and my body could not bear what I was watching. Tired but also frightened for what I saw, I could not sleep.

A new day began, and as soon as the sun arose, I decided to ride to the northwest, now not by deduction but by heart.


After more than five long hours and without eating, I found her, who brought a smile on my face; she, who made my heart beat again; she, the one once I loved. I would say her name, but I prefer not to say it no, as you may remember her. She was also riding a horse, and also seeking for the same person I was looking for. Our destinies crossed again, after a long time.

Before continue our journey, she gave me some food to eat, I thank her for her helped and we talked about all the news in our lives. We talked until the end of the day, and just before going to sleep, both realize that what we were looking was maybe in the wrong direction, but our tiredness blind our minds, and we decided to make a plan the next day.

And so it was, we decided to change our direction, now going the southwest, as our dreams told us during the night. And after two or three days we found them, a settled colony near the woods, the number of people there where more than a hundred thousand people. We were so glad to see life after watching the devastating scene some days before. My hearth was now relief, but just a bit, as I would not have rest until I see the queen. I tried to communicate with the people, but most of them does not speak the universal languages; fortunately, my partner, she, who is as intelligent as the stars and lovely as the moon, helped me to talk with the people, who were so confused about me and did not allowed me to enter to their temporally settlement. She, whose name is Indira, and I tried to explain, but the people attack us with such violence that the guards had to come between, and separate us. We were taken to a kind of jail made of strong wood. The king came out and saw us, the king started to scream with so anger courses to us, Indira was about to shout, but the queen came running and stopped her husband. Her eyes were covered in tears after she saw us. She immediately ordered to release us, and she apologized for the king’s behavior. We understood, as we knew the tortuous situation they were living. We were allowed to take a bath and then we were invited to the dinner with the royal family.

We had such a fascinating and deep talk that night, we tried to tell about our most remarkable events in our lives, but eight or twelve hours were just not enough. We went to sleep just a few minutes before the sunrise, and we woke up at midday. The queen of pillows, as you may remember, ordered some explorers to sightsee the woods. Indira was still sleeping and I decided to have a walk with the queen, in order to be up to date about the recent events.


“What we know is nothing compared to what is really happening, what is now happening is nothing compared to what will occurred”


“My majesty” said I “I do not understand”


“We were just attacked after midday by hordes of Mongolian warriors who tried to take away our lands as the days in the past, we were informed, a couple years ago that the whole army of the south were trying to stop the spread of the Chinese, but suddenly, there were no communications. We sent messengers, but with no response. We prepared our people and our soldiers, but Chinese are savage and heartless, whatever we tried to stop them was useless. We save the most of our people, but it was not enough, as they are restless, and they will not give up until they get what they want.”


The queen started to cry, and I could not do anything to make her feel better, I decided to just hug her and keep silence, as silence is the best answer during tough moments.


We return to the main camp, and have dinner, we tried to rest, but an army of Chinese came out from the blue. The priority were the people, and we tried everything to keep them safe. The king and I commanded a group of soldiers to stop the enemies, while the queen and Indira lead the people to a safe area inside the woods. The fight took all night, our tiredness was our weakness, but we stood up because the love of the people and the country. During the fight, I saw the leader of our enemies carrying a parchment which was sealed with two gems, one red and the other green. I was intrigued by that, so as soon as we made the army withdraw, I took a horse and follow the leader through the meadow while the king and his men returned to the camp. The chase took me all night, unfortunately, the Chinese had some gunpowder artefacts hidden all along their way, and were activated with just a simple spark. I avoid most of the attacks, but while I approach them, their attacks were sharped and the horse I was ridding was killed. But I was so close them, that I unsheathe my sword and threatened all of them, they just start laughing as they were more than me, but they underestimated my sword skills, or I was just mad because of the parchment. Whatever it was, my madness or my ability, I fought with them with no fear and no hesitation. And when the birds of the morning started to sing, I injured their leader and took the parchment. How I escape is something I do not know, but somehow or someone or somewhat returned me to the camp. The next thing I remembered, I was lying in the floor of a medical tent. I had a grievous injured on my left leg, left arm and near my heart. The doctor said that I was so lucky to survive. I wanted to wake up, but my body was paralyzed, all I could move was my head and my right hand. The queen and Indira went to see me, and they asked me why I took a silly decision, Indira was mad at me. But I show them the parchment, we saw the seal and the two gems, the queen then said “Look at this, an empty space, maybe for another gem”, Indira look at her bracelet and she said “I have a gem with the same shape as this space”. I gave her that bracelet with a white gem, she took out the game and put it on the empty space, and as if it was magic, the seal opened the parchment and what we saw is something no one of us is able to explain, written in ancient language, with so odd pictures and symbols of thousand colors.


A fully round moon lit our camp. And I took it as a sign. I asked Indira to open the parchment just below the light of the moon, and what she saw was something even more difficult than what we saw before, more mysteries and unknowns were showed to her, but as the moon is so wise and it transfer its wisdom through the light in so eerie ways. We, who saw the parchment during the day, receive somehow the answer. We realize the next day that the Chinese who attacked us were in a quest, but they did not know how to unleash the answers of the parchment. Now, after we received the answer through some strange dreams, we reopened the parchment and knew that our next stop should be near the Karagiye depression.


Three, Four, five or even six months took us to get to the the Karagiye depression s, but once we got there, only the queen was able to entered the hidden door of the “shindik”, there, she must stay six months in complete meditations and if the gods of the earth accepted her as their new leader, she will come out; whereas if not, she and all her descendants would be punished with an eternal course. The king try put her off, but she was completely sure about what she want, and she did not hesitate, and fearless, she entered the door. And after that, it closed.

Six months passed, and the king was the first to receive her. She looked as if time had not elapsed. She was full of energy and with a big smile on her face, since gods had accepted her as her new leader. In her hands she was carrying a Shagai, an item delivered by the gods to preserve what must be preserved, to keep what must be kept, to remember the unforgettable and to see what is unseen.

All the people, full of joy, celebrated the new events. But I did not. I was saying goodbye to Indira, my time in this farther lands was more than enough, and time to go it was. I wanted to be more time with my friends, but I had another priorities, so I was planning to leave the land the next morning. The queen of wisdom, as people started to call her, also say goodbye to me, and she was thankful about my help. I just smile, and then give a hug to both women, who had played important roles in mi life.


The next day, just before I departed, the queen give me the Shagai, “Your majesty, why are giving this to me, I cannot take responsibility about this” said I.


“Do not call me majesty, just Dinara” she replied while giggling, and then she continued “But thanks for your respect. However, I am not the one who will use this, as I am not who will liberate this people, but our god told me, sang about a young man who will do it, our hero will rise above Chinese and Russian Empires. I know where are you going, and I know you are smart enough to discern who the chosen one will be. Please, take it and safe us. I beg you, it will not apart you from your path, as your path will cross with the hero’s path.” She concluded.


After that, I said again goodbye to Indira. She, who will always have a place in my heart.


Years later, I found an old man who gave me sheltered during one week, and during that period of time I realize that finally I had found the man, I asked permission to talk with him, and I gave him the Shagai, which as I know by letters, that his grandson, Kenesary, was the one who finally used this item for the best of his people.


And as far as I know, this is how events occurred in order to keep Kazakhstan independent from the Russian and Chinese empires…


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