How far does she have walked? Well, that is something I am unable to answer, but I can tell without mistake that she hates walking, at every step, at every minute, her feet suffered as if they were touching knifes of broken glasses; even though, after an hour of walking, her feet began to bleed.

You may know who I am talking about, and if not, soon you will notice.

Every day the girl, whose only virtue was her voice, decided to exit from the water to walk. Maybe you know the original story, but let me tell you that every mermaid has the ability to change her tail into legs, but walking was one of the worst things a mermaid could do, as that ability was because of a curse which happened more than five hundred years ago.

The mermaid was in love with a man who always go fishing in the mornings, he had one little child, but no woman. After thinking the suffering she may feel, she decided to go outside in the morning and talk with the young man. She was lying over the seashore, while the man approached with his net. She said “hello” to the man and he replied with a warm “hello”, the mermaid introduce herself and then the man, both were talking until midday, when the man stop fishing, he offered her some fishes, but she did not accept those, as mermaids do not eat fish.  The man said goodbye, and so the mermaid.
The next day, and the next and so on, man and mermaid continued talking every morning, but she was unable to tell more about herself, and she decided to listen the fantastic stories of the man. But one day the man asked about the past of the girl, she hesitate in her answer, and after thinking a while, she said “I grew up without father and mother, I was given to a church, where nuns treated me in bad ways as they said I was a lost child who no one loves, I suffered because of them, because of my false friends, because of everybody. I escaped from that church of hell, but I learnt nothing about human life, about reading and writing, I tried to found a job, but I am unable to get one, I am just a disabled woman who lives in the forest behind the beach”

“That is a really terrible story” said the man, and then continued “In fact, I cannot believe that, many awful things cannot happened to one person in less than a life, I think you are exaggerating your experiences, I can offer you my help, show you the light in the darkness, show the beauty in the night”
A big smile covered the mermaid’s face, her eyes shone as never before and in a rush, she run after the man, who said “I was thinking, that you can join us tonight in my house, so we can have dinner” She accepted the offer with so pleasure.

One hour after the sunset, the mermaid knocked at the man’s house. Man and woman said hello to each other with so happiness that the man’s child run at the door to see if was her mom the woman’s voice he heard, unfortunately was not her mother.

The man introduce to his son the new woman he had met a few weeks ago. The three talked, laugh and enjoy a really delicious meal. The man asked her to stay with him that night, but she refused, she made up hundreds of unbelievable excuses, but love had blinded the man and he believed all what she said. So the man decided to go with her to the forest, she accepted with doubt. After an hour of walking, she began to suffer the consequences of using her legs, she stop walking and laid down in the sand. The man asked for her safety, but she say nothing, the man look for some help, and the mermaid took advantage of that distraction, and returned to the sea.
The man returned home with great confusion, but so glad to have met that woman. The son, as every other child, mistrust the woman, as he saw her as a replace to her real mother.
One week later, the mermaid was invited to the man’s house for dinner, and she stayed with him. As so the rest of the week, the son soon began to get in with the woman. The child played the piano while she sang beautiful songs. Every word she sang, hit the man’s heart and made fall in love with her more and more.

What a weird night was that, when the man was kissing the mermaid’s feet while asking her to marry him, the child immediately saw scales on the floor. Who in the world would have scales? Unless she was a fish or a mermaid. The boy cry with so passion that his father barely awake from his love sleep, but was not enough to escape from the horrible hands of the sea lady, who or which killed the man immediately. The boy run as fast as he could, the mermaid tried to find him, but her feet started to bleed and was unable to reach him, so she took the man and eat him. The boy escaped, but what he saw is something he will never forget.

And that is why the mermaids have the curse, the one which was given by the witch of the seas in order to protect humans. But sometimes, men are so desperate to find love, that a nice voice is able to blind them and take them to death. Not a happy ending this story has, as happy endings are not so common in real life.



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