Not another common story

Some years ago, not far away from the center of the continent, was a kingdom ruled by a very grateful and happy King, a big man with a big white beard who never looked for troubles and who helped people from other countries. He and his wife were always cheerful and that feeling was spread to all the country. People from all over the world went to visit the kingdom in order to have some happiness in their lives, as many wars where occurring in those days. Wonderful and dazzling houses painted the kingdom, all of them were wooden or stone made. Small rivers crossed the village, but all flowed in a lake near the castle. It was a delight for the eyes of the people who watched the kingdom from inside and outside, but moreover, it was a pleasure for the soul, which was cured from its sadness and loneliness. But King and Queen were more joyful about something more important than their kingdom: their daughter. A charming girl with so stunning eyes and lovely voice.

Until now everything sounds like any other princes’ story, but what makes it different is the following. King, Queen and princes did not live in a real castle, but instead a big house made also by wood and stone. The kingdom would be happy now, but in their early years, it suffered many wars and natural catastrophes. The people in the kingdom knew what sadness, famine and death was. Every time a king wanted to rise a wall or build a fortress, an enemy destroyed it, population decreased and many people decided to emigrate to other countries. And then, when the last king was dying, he said to his son –Don’t let this world be destroyed by the humans, don’t let this people created by the world convert in destructors, don’t let the humans forget they are humans- finally, the old man closed his eyes and slept forever. His son, the younger of his brothers, and the only one who survived, decided to destroy the castle and began to build a new wall. The survivors of that last war follow him, and soon the walls were build. But it wasn’t a simple wall, it was a wall with always open doors. He constructed his new home as he lived as the normal people, as he was also a normal person. After that, he let in charge one of his best friends, while he tried to join other small kingdoms to his. Some of them accepted, but others tried to kill him. And after five years, the king returned with a wife and a daughter. The king was surprised with his home country, as it had transformed into a paradise. And if you have been there, you will now I am not lying. Just imagine the houses of different colors over cobbled streets. Happiness was at last in every part of the kingdom. The king’s home was also transformed, as his friend added a new floor every year since the king left the kingdom.

One day in winter, a few days before started to snow, and when tough winds hit the city, the bonnet of the princes flew far away from the kingdom and get to the front house of a man. The bonnet stood there until was covered by the snow. The princes cry, and all the tries of her parents to calm her down were useless, they tried to give her another one, but she refused to have another one as it was given to her by her grandma. But snowy and freezing cold days arrived to the kingdom and she had to accept another bonnet to protect her long chestnut hair.
Years passed, and the man’s son, who found the bonnet in front of his house, had traveled to the near kingdoms looking for inspiration to his stories, but always carrying the teal (teal: color) bonnet. And it was in one of his trips, when he found a gorgeous woman trapped with her horse in a frozen lake. The man run quickly and carefully after her, to help her. Both, horse and woman were rescued, and the man lend her his jacket, the woman smiled at him, and that graceful and shiny smile became in the man’s death, as he fall in love with her. Woman and man went to a cantina to drink hot coffee and eat something. Both laugh and talk all the night, and at the end of the nighttime, just before the sunrise, the man asked her name, and she asked his name. Indira and Miguel, as there were their names, walked between a river and a path of violet and orange flowers. For a while, both were making fun of their names, as they have never heard them before. The moon stood aside the rising sun, both were almost the same size, and both saw how the paths of Indira and Miguel split, one continue his walking and the other continue riding her horse.
After that, the man returned to his home, happy but also sad, and when he was looking at his shirt, he found a hair of the woman, after that, he saw the bonnet and saw almost the same hair. Hundred, thousands and even millions of thoughts crossed his mind, a day he did not go out of home nor eat nor move from his bed. No stories were written for a couple of months, the man or Miguel, as you want to call him, was now suffering by a foolish love, clumsy thoughts destroyed her mind, and every day he slept less and less, until one day he tried to commit suicide staying with thin clothes in the winter. But he did not get even sick, every day he stayed outside with the same clothes while writing incomplete stories. And after so many sketches, he decided to not to die, and instead, he traveled again, and somehow, he found Indira, who smile joyfully after seeing him. He said a bit nervous, as his pulse increase at every second –How are you? So many days since we met, right? Am, I would like to give you something that could be yours- he take out a bonnet and show it to her, the princes scream with enthusiasm and hug him –Where did you found it? – she asked, the man explained the story and she kiss him in his cheek, Miguel almost faint, but could not after Indira asked him to go with her to his home. A big castle was expected in Miguel’s mind, but what he found was a five floors building. It may not be a royal house, whereas it is not what is outside but inside. A cozy home with a good smell in the kitchen and furniture of the best wood decorated the “castle”. Miguel met Indira’s family and eat with them that evening. All of them had a joyful meal.
At the end of the meal, the King and the Queen asked Miguel to stay in their home, as it was too late to go outside and returned to his home. He accepted the invitation, and the next morning, a tasty smell woke him up. Miguel was invited to the royal breakfast, and as almost every day, the king prepared the breakfast for his wife and daughter. At midday, Miguel had to say goodbye to Indira, but before that, she went with him to the border of the kingdom, and there, she put her hand over Miguel’s chest and said –I know what distress you, I can see that you have no shadow, as you try to kill you, but your shadow sacrifice in order to let you live another day. I know you are in love with me, and I cannot do anything until you understand that you did not save my life in that frozen lake, I mean, I was in danger but I did not ask for help, I was not a princess in distress, I was not a princes you need to safe. But maybe we can hang out, and maybe- -And maybe magic could happen- Miguel continued. Both laugh, and before he part, she gave him her bonnet and said –Now that your soul have been here in our kingdom; you may not be sad and lonely, now your shadow will come back, and this bonnet I give you, is a proof that we will meet again, but now, I have to think as you have to do so. Hopefully, you will enjoy your trip back home- The moon was again there, above them, reflecting the sun’s light. –I will remember your name, but from now on, you will be Luna, as the moon always appears in every all of ours farewell- Both kissed and said goodbye.

I cannot say how many years passed since the last time they met, but something I can assure you, they continue talking via letters, he always used the name Luna to refer to her, but when something important had to be said, he named her Indira.
One day, both meet again, and they were happier than the last time they met, both exchange bonnet and jacket, both exchange shadows and both lived happily ever after.



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