The sad princes

In my trips around the world I had seen interesting, amazing, bizarre, odd, beautiful and awful things; but nothing similar to this that I am going to tell.

Just imagine the beautiful scenario which surrounded the big castle, a castle above a hill and from there a waterfall ran and lead to a river below the hill. Forest and city were in harmony, no tree was cut down just because, instead the people managed to build the houses and other buildings among the woods. If you could see it, you may get in love with the amazing architecture leaded by the wise king. Narrow but long rivers crossed the city from north to south, north to east, south to west and from east to west, but all born from the waterfalls of the castle. Most of the buildings were red or brown, but others were orange and even blue. All of them had white triangle ceilings. And from the castle seems as all houses were covered by snow.

I got to that kingdom not by accident, but by a letter sent by an old friend I met during my past trips. After I arrived there, I was received with gifts and food as it was the tradition in the kingdom. I met a lot of people during the introductory feast, as they called when a new person entered to the kingdom. I listen to stories of dozens of people, we compare our culture and traditions and at the end of the night I met the king, queen and princes of the kingdom. The king ask pardon because the absence of his son, I hesitate in my answer as I have nothing to say, a king asking me pardon? That is indeed something remarkable and weird at the same time. As always, I have to tell how gorgeous the queen’s daughter was, now you may know how I like to describe the beauty of the girls I meet during my trips. Her shoulder-length brown hair was dazzling, but her eyes charmed my heart. Both crossed eyes more than a couple of times, and I could not tell if her eyes were blue or light haze, and it did not matter during the meal, as every part of she was really delightful, unfortunately she never smiled.

That night, while trying to sleep, I remember her hair, hair eyes, but most important above all: her face. Oh, gorgeous princes who keep me sleepless, why you didn’t smile?

At the next day, I had plenty of time to visit the kingdom, I walked through the cobbled streets, crossed many bridges to get from one little island to another. The rivers had a very clear water that you could see the fishes swimming and the sea plants dancing happily. After midday, I manage to find the house of my friend who sent me the letter; it took me nearly three hours, but was worth it, as I discovered awesome buildings, astonished statues made by bronze, and I saw incredible architecture between the tall and small trees which were part of the kingdom.

Me and my friend talked about what we have done during the past three years, he told me that he was about to get married. I congratulated him besides of my thoughts that I have about marriage. Six o’clock turned into midnight and suddenly into six o’clock again. We had a long talk during the night as we had to get up to date about our experiences in the past. Interesting experiences he had, and outlandish knowledge he found during his last trips and shared to me as I share mine.

Next day, or next evening, both slept and during night I went to the princes’ balcony to make something I used to do before but not anymore. However, and because of this new feeling I had during the meeting of the princes, I decided to sing her a poem. Unfortunately, just after I started, a well-built man came from nowhere and struck me with great ferocity. The man was taller than me, and obviously also stronger than me. I did not notice when the second stroke came. Now, from the floor I could see his face, with a quick deduction I inferred that he was the princes’ brother. His eyes were as astonished as hers, and the nose was a second revealing factor. I stood up quickly and asked the reasons of his attacks, he did not answered and continue hitting at me, but after a while I recognized the patterns of his moves and soon we stop the fight, which was leading to nowhere. It is hard to tell how the prince and I became good friends after that eerie night. But I still have the curiosity about the unanswered attack. The prince talked about his sister with great joy, but he did not say more. I began to live in the castle, and was trained to become a knight of the kingdom. During all the days, weeks and months inside or outside, I did never see the princes smiling, and that was all about, I wished to know the answer. That pretty face with no smile but still seems happy and in peace with everything and everybody.

After some months, I began to draw pictures of her, of every part of her, trying to put a smile on her face, but without success. My room was covered by thousands of pictures, poems and songs written with a heart on fire. And I have to say, live in the castle does not mean see the princes or the king or queen or the prince every day, in fact I only saw the princes every Sunday, but never talked to her more than a couple of words. I was now not in love but obsessed with her. I had insomnia or nightmares, I cannot say what was worst. Therefore, one day I decided to enter to her room and talk to her, but her answer was in fact surprising.

-I know what do you want, but the answer is no-

My pulse stops, my hands started to tremble and my mouth went dry, the words just vanish, I have nothing to reply, so I turned around and returned to my room.

Two days later, I was about to leave some letters I wrote to her, below the door, but she opened it with a rush and said.

-Again you? I know what you wrote and someone has to tell you that you’re a bad poet, so stopped writing undesired things and return to your knight’s work.-

She closed the door gently, but all her words were said with a malicious tone, with so strength that not my heart but my soul was hit and now was injured. But between escaping or continuing to my normal labors, I fired all my poems and songs, all pictures of her, and started my work again. Now I did not exit from my room, I was drawing her every day, every night. Every wrong line in the painting was another hit in my soul, for my heart was completely burn and dead. I was alive because of my soul, and it was dying as well. But souls does not die, my soul was trying to leave my body so it could rest in peace, but I was strong enough to keep me alive more weeks. I wanted to talk to her, but that never happened, even after one day in which she gave me a note saying “Tomorrow we can talk, meet me at the main hall”, but as expected, she did not appeared.

More nights and more days I continued locked in my room. I had no more pencils or pens, but blood, now I wanted to see her, to talk to her and then kill her. If I was about to die, she should come with me. And every second in my room, new images I saw in front of me, I remembered had fear to those shadows, but now they were my friends. I saw them in every corner, black and white, well dressed and moving in hilarious ways. And then occurred the unforeseen, she entered to my room with a big smile on her face.



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