The red roses

Not so far away from here, or from you live, was once a lovely princes who liked to play in the royal garden. She loved to be surrounded by the thousands of flowers which blossomed in the enormous garden at her beauty. She took care of every flower, she sang a different song to every different plant and also, she gave names to every flower. Her father and mother thought that she was going crazy and decided to talk to her, but she was perfectly normal. She attended to every of her royal lectures, and knew more than five languages. However, she was not keen on hanging around in night parties or some royal celebrations; instead, she was always in the garden, singing with the birds or reading amazing stories from places far away from where she lived.

One may think that she could get boring, but the answer was no. The royal garden was five times bigger than the castle, and the castle was already a gigantic structure, a marvel made of white stone which one can see from every part of the kingdom. The royal gardens had a maze where queen and princes liked to play seek and hide; also there where little hills and valleys where you could run, climb and roll, and moreover lakes with happy ducks and other beautiful birds.

One day, when she decided to go to a party where many kings were invited, she met a handsome prince, but she doubt about his real intentions, as she knew that was impossible to trust any man. However, she decided to not hear her feelings and instead, follow her heart. The prince and the princes hanged out for six months, until one day. One could predict what may happen that day, as it was so gray, so sad, so rainy and so cold. Birds did not sang and sun did not show itself. That very day, the prince asked the king for his daughter’s hand. The king was happy to hear those news, and invited him to a royal meal. The prince did not expect that incredible answer from the king, and went to the royal garden, looked for some flowers and plucked them in order to give them to his future wife.

Before the royal feast, the prince gave the flowers to the princes, but her reaction was not of happiness, but of horror. She recognized the flowers, they were a beautiful bunch of red roses, but not only that, the roses were called as the princes’ name. The prince did not understand anything and tried to be forgiven, but the princess said no answer. The prince was always looking for her beloved, but she was always in the garden looking after her plants, trying to fix the crime of the prince. He could not understand what was really happening, the princes was dying. Part of her soul was in those roses, which were as red as the dress she used to dress in her early years, and now the roses were as red as the blood she was losing from her heart. It was a pity, a gorgeous woman was dying.

But one day, a lost man, from a faraway lands, came to the castle and asked for some directions, and while crossing the royal garden, he saw the beautiful woman crying, she was laying in front of the roses. The man did not hesitate and run after the woman, his heart almost stopped when he recognize the beauty, his eyes got almost blind after the shiny smile of the princes and his words were almost gone after the princes asked for help.

The man took her into his arms and said nothing, but plunked the death roses. Now only two red roses remained in the royal garden. The princes was as white as snow, but the man did something unexpected and remarkable; he, with a thorn of a death rose, made an injury in his arm, so his blood could go out and cover one of the roses. He share his blood with the princes in order to save her. The princes last to recover, but the man wait until she finally could stand up, and in that very day, the prince went to the castle, so happy to see that her future wife was again full of live. But the princes denied the prince as his future husband. This words made a whole in the prince’s heart, made a big dark hole which soon exploded as a war between two kingdoms. After knowing that, the princes decided to not be a princes anymore and ran away with the man who saved her life. The war last almost 14 years, and neither of both kingdoms survived.

It is hard to say if man and women live happily after, but we can say yes, as no rose have been plucked since then.




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