Dinara: The queen of pillows

I though princess did not exist anymore, I have never been so wrong, and let me tell you why.
Summer was just ending, the raindrops still fallen in the morning, but the warm days were in their very end and many trees started to change its leaf’s colour. And in those days, where peace was everywhere, lived a beautiful girl called, well she has a difficult name, but I will do my best to say it later. The girl, daughter of the king and queen of the big land of Koryakovsky, loved to be in her room, doing almost nothing, just sleeping, just dreaming. Maybe what every one of us would like to do every day, just sleep, just rest without being bother by anyone, that was the perfect life of the girl. Her mom, the Queen, gave her pillows of every kind and every colour. Soon she was surrounded by pillows of different size, one more comfortable than the other. It was the castle of dreams, the towers of imagination.
But the king disapproved that attitude, and ordered to retire her all the pillows, the queen opposed to that cruel reaction, but it not take too long for the king to disappear all the pillows one night. The sweet dreams were converted into nightmares. The girl woke up in a rush, and saw no pillows nor blankets, only was her under her enormous bed. She scream so loud that her parents came without hesitation to saw her. The queen knew who had done that horrible thing, while the king was confused about the curious ducked-out of the night. The girl sleep with her parents that night. However, since that night, the dreams of the beautiful girl were not as good as before, now a dark shadow followed her almost every night, a shadow which only lived in her dreams. The queen was very angry with the king that decided to not say a word to him until the pillows appeared again. But the king knew nothing about that. A week passed, and the queen still angry, but the girl with her good heart said to her mom “Forgive my father, he knows nothing about this”. The queen last to say a word, but finally she did, and family relations came back.
The king said one day to her daughter “I cannot say I am glad to see you running and playing in the castle, but this will help to heal your mind; although it hurts me, I cannot bear to see you don’t sleeping”
And it was the truth, the harsh reality, the girl sleep no more since then.
The kingdom expanded its frontiers and soon became famous because of its settlements of salt.
After long years, after long winters and warm summers; the girl soon became an adult, and as it was tradition, the firstborn of the kings had to become the ruler of the land in his or her 16th birthday. A big party was celebrated in the princess’ honour, as she will be the next queen of the land. All the streets, all the people was invited to the castle to eat a lot of food, a lot of cake, to celebrate the rise of the new Queen.
The next days were also of celebration, but the new Queen did not like the idea to be queen, as she did not understand politics and economics. So she always decided to walk in the streets, as she used to when she was a girl. One of those days she met a girl, I could say her name, but I will prefer not to say it now. Since that very day, both girls met at different points of the city, to talk, to walk, to enjoy life as never before. Her father, again, disapproved the ideals of her daughter, but after trying everything, he could not make her change of mind, and he decided to get all the pillows of the land, and the nearer countries. The 17th birthday of the queen was soon, and her father wanted to give her a big surprise. And so it was, she saw with saw amusement her bed full of pillows, everything she wanted to do was jump into them. With no hesitation she did it, she said with peace in her soul “I love you dad”, her last words before she felt sleep instantly, at last.
But the queen did not wake up, her friend always went to the castle, hoping to know something about her, but she received no response for anyone. The castle closed their doors, and soon only people with invitations could enter. I was in those days walking in those places, and I saw a girl sleeping near the walls of the castle, I tried to help her, she told me what had happened in the previous days, and I guessed what may happened, but at the same time I was quite sceptic about the idea of the existence of a princess.
Inside the walls, during two weeks, the parents tried everything to wake her up, but with no success, the father even quite all her pillows, but now she was in a deep sleep. After that, the father asked everyone if someone could help her daughter wake up, and if someone could do it, he could marry her.
After hearing the reward I entered to the castle, the “king” saw me and asked me “What do you want? If you want to wake my daughter, you could try, but if not you will day”, “I am not hear because of that, but because of negotiations about the salt lakes”, I answered. Of course I did not knew anything about commerce or salt, but while I was talking, the girl I met outside the castle entered in it and went out with the sleepy queen. I made a false deal with the “king” and soon I ran near the river, where I should meet both ladies. When I saw the queen, I have to say, my heart stops for a second, her gorgeous face is something I will never forget. But it was no time for things like that, and soon her friend and I tried also everything to wake her up, but with no success, likewise. We were running out of ideas, and in a rush of madness I gave the girls my boat and told her “Go way from this cursed place, and return when the sh151862-004-531457E0adow wakes up, you will know when, take care, and travel abroad this beautiful world”. The girl, my new friend, asked my name, I said it and I asked hers too, but the boat was already browsing the Irtysh River and I could not heard her name.
Years later I received a letter from the queen, she had returned to the castle, I cannot tell how she discovered my address, but it did not matter, as that is another story.


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