The following story was told to me by an old friend. I was asked to not tell it, but the recent events have made up my mind, so here is the tricky story.

I was sat in a bench in a park, when my friend came to me in a rush shouting with so passion. He was so excited because he had saw the most beautiful girl all over the world, or at least that was what he told me. I tried to calm him down, but it was impossible, his heart was shot by the cursed arrow of Cupid and his eyes were poisoned by the bright shadow of misconception. He did not stop saying sickly sweet words.
-Man, c’mon please try to understand, It’s almost impossible to get in love with someone you don’t know, just because she’s pretty doesn’t mean you are able to say everything about her- I tried to convince him – Well, maybe sometimes you can be accurate, but it doesn’t mean you always be correct-
-You say that because you don’t know her! – He shout in his rush.
-And do you know her? – I asked.
-Surely more than you- he answered –I will proof it-
-Maybe, but I suggest you to open your eyes. Do you see those trees? Theirs’ leafs are all painted with a vivid and passion red, but it won’t take too long until those leafs change from red to gold and finally fall from the tree. That is love- I said, and after that I rose from the bench and say goodbye to my friend.

My friend did not give up in his quest for proving my mistaken words. He attended to most of the lectures with the beautiful girl he had just met. Her name was so precious, so pure, but I couldn’t remember it, even after it was repeated a number of times by my friend.
It doesn’t took too long until my friend and the woman became friends, maybe my friend was right. She was a really gorgeous woman, with a so funny attitude; but not only her but also her friends. I was obliged to accept that I was wrong about my perception of love. However, there was something in her eyes that make me believe my friend was in danger. I tried to warn my friend, but he did not hear my advice, as expected, and I have to be honest, if you would meet a woman like her, you will only see her sweetness, nothing bad in her. I start hanging out with my friend, the woman and her friends. Somehow her attitude pushes me to get in love with her, somehow something about her makes me feel different, so free but so chained to something or someone. Immediately I stop hanging out with them, they asked me why, but there was no answer.
After a couple of weeks, most of the trees had no leafs, and the remained were all orange and gold. At that very time, the woman received a message from someone my friend should never have known. The woman, Oh! I remembered her name, but I won’t write it as her name is totally opposite of what the woman is. She had to visit her old sister who lived inside a big forest, hidden from civilization. My friend asked if he could go with her in her excursion, she answered yes without doubt, with a maleficent smile.
Both walked for more than three hours, but the heart of the young man was covered with the delusion so as his eyes, and never noticed where they going. Beautiful forest with soft grass covered by thousands of millions of dry golden leafs. At every step the crunch of the leafs sounded, and every of this sounds was indeed a break in his heart, he didn’t notice it, but after walking a while, he began to feel weak. He felt that horror in his chest, as his heart wanted to explode or to get out of him, every breath was a pain and could be the last one. The woman turn around to see his friend laying in the floor, she helped him to stand up again, but he didn’t last too long and fall again. She hug him with so love and so truthiness that he felt the very warm love around him, he started to weep and finally the warmth burnt out his heart. At that very moment he was unable to feel forever, no emotion was seen in his face, just as he was a dead man.
Something odd happened here, leafs started to silence, they were all wet, but the trees were dry. The colours of the landscape did not change, whereas the temperature drop down so quickly that the woman felt a terrible cold, while the young man felt nothing. In front of them was created a whirl which made all leafs fly, and then, from below the leafs a little lake appeared, there a mermaid went out and said hello to the woman. The mermaid was not as beautiful as someone could imagine, even the woman frightened when the mermaid appeared.
-I can see you came with a man, just as you promised- the mermaid said with an angelical voice, a voice totally different from his appearance.
-Yes, madam- Said the trembling woman.
The mermaid jump with his tail over the wet leafs and stood in front of the man – He is a handsome asset, but I don’t like his lost sight, his eyes are completely black and are looking to nowhere, he has no pulse but still breathing. I could hit him and scream bad words to him, and he would not feel anything. You have brought me a living dead man! Did you actually think that you could be able to foolish me? I am the queen of the lost souls, I can notice whether a man is dead or not. I can tell where the soul of every man and woman is, and now I can say something you didn’t expect-
-No! Please, give me back my boyfriend! – The woman beg while kneeling down – I can’t live without him- she said and then she broke into tears –You don’t know what I feel, I pray every time of my life since to see him again-
-You fool! – The mermaid shout with anger, but her voice calm down and with a melodic tone she continued –Dearie, you may still loving him, you may feel something when you think about him. Oh! The humans are so clumsy when it comes to love affairs, they think been in love with someone and they thing it will last forever, but as quick as they get in love as quick they forget it. And you are the very example of all of this, you kill this young man, but you can revive him also. Please don’t watch me with that face, I know perfectly where the man’s soul is hidden and it is in your heart. In your very deep you fall in love with him, you thought you could bring him to me, but at the end your feelings betrayed you and you took his soul, so nothing could happened to him. But you know, after watching this, I have change my mind, I will give you your boyfriend –
-No! – The woman scream with fear.
-You tried to fool me, now I want my revenge, you will have both of your men in front of you and you will have to decide who must live. Deal? –
-Do I have any other option? –
-Of course… not-
The death boyfriend appeared in front of her, both wanted to run to each other, but the mermaid stood between them and said – You have to choose-
The woman thought for a while, covered in tears she said –I love my death boyfriend, but it would be against nature to revive him, and this young man I have met is still alive, I cannot kill him, so he must continue living-
-Clever decision, sweetheart-
The soul of the boyfriend vanishes, and there stood the young man fearless and soulless. The mermaid replied –Well, this man is nor death nor alive, you have your soul, give it to him-
The woman hugged him and the man recovered his vivacity, he smiled again, his eyes were bright again. But the mermaid did not accepted his failure and took the young man with her. The woman was shocked, she tried to stop the devil, but the mermaid asked for something in exchange, the woman said she has nothing to offer.
-Yes, sure you have- answered the mermaid. –I want half of your life-
-What?! Why would you like that if you are immortal? –
-That is none of your business, so deal or not deal?-
-Deal! – shout the woman, and both, human and monster shake hands, a blue light shine in the chest of the woman, and suddenly it stop shinning. Immediately, after that, both woman and young man appeared lying over a million of leafs. My friend woke up first, saw the woman and ran away from her, after that, he avoid any contact with her.
The woman continue her live, thinking and regretting about what she have done, every man she found, was a man which ran away from her.
After some years, maybe ten or fifteen, I was sightseen a beautiful city far away from where I lived, and then I found an incredible gorgeous woman. Blind with the delicious poison of love, I walked after her. My heart was now prisoned in a passion, again. And my movements where controlled by a puppeteer, I did not knew how and when exactly, but I was about to say Hello to that beautiful woman who had astonished my mind, but as soon as he turned around and I saw her eyes, I could noticed who she really was. I was frightened and she said with disappointment and depression –Are you going to run away too?-
-Yes- I answered –But with you-
After that day, both of us run away together from the evil hands of the mermaid, both of us live happily ever after, so to say.


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