The two towers

There were several years ago a man who worked for the king, he lived in the highest room of a tower, so he had the most beautiful view of all the kingdom and the forest. All the mornings he woke up early to hear the different and interesting sounds of the nature; but in the evening, the spectacle was an astonished sunset, which mixed dark and light colours in the sky with a smooth mist over the trees. The sky was dried from blue to orange, from red to violet and from dark blue to black. The mysterious golden dots in the sky appeared, twinkle happily, an suddenly a peaceful silence was heard in the forest.
All days he had to prepare the prince’s breakfast and clean his room, after that he had to prepare the horses so the prince could practice ridding them and then he had to do some other stuff inside the castle. After sunset he had to help in the kitchen and try the food of every person in the court so they could know there is no potion in their meals. He was paid with to regular meals per day and rewarded with the most beautiful view a man could ever see.
One night per week, the man was allowed to go out with the other slaves and drink until morning, but he never liked that style of life, so every night he wrote down some phrases and then go to sleep.

One day happened, that two curious towers rose from nowhere in the middle of the forest, his view was now disturb by both towers. He tried to figure out how does both buildings appeared suddenly. Fortunately, autumn was about to end, and almost all the golden leafs were about to fall from the trees, and the true nature of the towers was about to be revealed. But it occurred the unexpected, the towers reduced their height considerably, so they were as tall as a tree.

Since that moment, he used his free nights to look for that towers. With so caution, he took the horse of the prince and manage to enter the forest, whereas nothing was found and he returned sad and disappointed.
But this chase for the castle was converted into his drug, he waited with so anxiety the night he could go out to look for the enigmatic towers, but every morning he returned drunk of desperation and displeasure. After a month, his duties in the castle began to fail, and the horse was unable to run on the snow. This made angry the young man and decided to escape in his free night. No one could find him, as he wasn’t in the centre the night before. And to his fortune, that morning a mist covered all the forest, so the soldiers in the towers could not perceive anything.
The man had drawn a map of the approximate location of the towers, but that was completely inaccurate. He got lost several days, maybe more than a week or even worst, more than a month. All know that a forest is a dangerous place as there live wild creatures.
Somehow, after the snow melted, the man managed to achieve the place with the towers, a church with two big towers, even higher than the ones in the castle. He was at last happy with himself, a rush of adrenaline ran through his body and with that last energies, he opened the main door… But what he saw was so horrible, disgusting, depressive and scary that he preferred to be devour by the wolves than to enter into that curse church.


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