The red princes

There was, once upon a time, an old castle almost destroyed by the continued wars between the two kingdoms. Must of the inhabitants were conquered by the north kingdom, the others died while fighting, and a few of them escaped as exiles to other places to the south. But one girl remained there. A beautiful girl was hidden in the ruins of the castle, but no one knew that. She also didn’t know anything about her life, she only knew the life in the cold castle, the hunting in the forest and her only companion was a small dog which arrived a few years later after the war finished. Both, dog and princes, because she lived in the castle, so we can called her like that, lived and take care each other for almost fifth teen years. After that, the dog died but it delivered an old card which said “Dear daughter, your father and I sent you this dog, our last thing, so you may not be alone during the years, until someone rescue you. Happy birthday sweet heart”

No tears were dropped, but a passion rain as never had seen took place near the castle; the princes took and hugged his dead brother in her arms, after that, no one knows if it was because of sadness or because of fear, but the princess fall asleep for almost five years, and after that, a smart guy from a far land heard about the curse of the forest, everyone who wanted to enter, suffered a painful death. The man did not hesitate when he heard that as he always was taking mortal risks every day. And when he was walking close to the forest, there appeared the beautiful sleepy princess, hidden behind a tree, she was singing sweetly, but the man did not fall in love nor feel fear. She walked behind every tree, with a long red dress, and a precious and whimsical blue eyes which could destroy any hearth, which could blind the perfect mind and could kill the healthier man in the world. She finally stood there, in front of the man, but he does not made a back step nor blink, he only watch with his true eyes the faithful behind the seductive princess… you may guess what is that, as I do not know. But what I know is that the man entered the forest and awake the princess and saved her from an infinite sleep. Both, travelled around the world. Both lived happily ever after.


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