There was once upon a time a little beautiful girl who was abandoned in the streets by the king, because he wanted a boy instead of a girl. We know maybe this kind of stories which were so common in the past; however, this is quite different for the rest of them as you will read in the following tale.

It was the time when kings ruled kingdoms and princes fought dragons. In this very age was once a strong and tall king who was fearless about almost anything, but one thing was his real and only fear: to don’t have any son to give him his kingdom. After some years, the King and the Queen decided to have a child, and after nine months, the Queen gave birth to a girl, really beautiful who may bring bless to the kingdom; unfortunately the king did not accept her as his daughter, therefore he ordered to take her away from the castle, the Queen rejected that mad idea from his husband, but he does not want to hear anything, and in his anger he also threaten his wife saying that if she does not do what he wanted, she will have a worst fate than the girl.
The Queen didn’t mind that fate and preferred to be sent to the dungeons of the castle, where she had to live with her daughter. And then that was her choice, for four years she and the girl lived, with only one meal a day for each one. The king was angry while depressed along all these four years, and after 1460 days the King forgave his wife, but not the child, so in the night the guards took away the girl and left her in the cold streets of the town. At the very morning of the next day, the Queen woke up with a big hole in her heart as she didn’t found her daughter, then the King arrive to the cell and told her how he had fell since she was captured in this place, but the Queen refused to return with the King. Therefore, the Queen continued imprisoned in that horrible, cold and dark place, for many years more, but now receiving two meals per day.

The little girl travelled across this new world in which she has been abandoned. She walked through the streets, throw the tunnels and in the alleys, but somehow she always returned to the backyard of the castle, in which was a window and there lived her mother. During some years, the mom always gave to her child one of hers meals so both of them could survive. But then the girl met new friends who also lived in the streets, but they were too much starving and thirsty than her, so she decided to divide her meal in order to all her friends could eat. There were days in which she did not ate anything, but she preferred to give it for, than to lose one of her friends. No one knew and still don’t know her real name, as she didn’t knew it and after all things she made, she was called Sugar. Because she was a sweet little girl, but moreover, with a very cute and sweet voice. Sugar sometimes sang in the streets for some coins. Her beauty and sweet voice made her make a lot of money through the months. One part of the money was given to her friends and the other part was given to her mom, sometimes she keep some cents to buy clothes or food, but nothing else.
The years passed normally, and when she had her 15th birthday, as a gift of a mysterious man, she was invited to sing in a concert. At the end of the concert, thousands of flowers were given to her, but all were asking about her parents, do they have a beauty voice as her child? Do they do art? Where are they from? , but those questions weren’t answered with the expected joy, but with sadness. She started to sing again, telling to all of them, her unfortunate life that she and her mom had suffered, she did not recognize the king as her father, and after all the song, a furious group of people went to the king’s castle to kill him because of what he have done. The guards and the people fought furiously, hundreds of death were that day, but finally they obtained what they wanted, to free the Queen and to make the king pay for what he had done. The sweet Sugar, the little girl who was abandoned in the streets, the one who with lovely deeds and songs made many people fall in love with her, was now side to side with her mother, Queen and daughter ruled with so kindness the kingdom, that there was no war during the period of time they ruled.

Maybe one question still in the air, who was the mysterious man? Well, if you expect an answer from me, I am not the one who can answer this affair, as this story is not finished at all…



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