It is too early for some people and too late for other more, but there is a little white with blue bird which doesn’t mind that, and every morning it loves to sing its songs with such a feeling that all people wake up with a real joy, and if they can, they gathered around the bird and clap to it as saying “thank you for your magical voice”. The bird makes a bow, and then leave the place. For decades, maybe, the people in the neighborhood didn’t knew where the bird goes after it finishes its song. Until this day, when a little teen, blonde and with such a beauty, decided to follow this nice animal. The bird made a long trip from the neighborhood to the old town, and so the girl, who ran all time while she was looking to the air. After the bird get to the roof a building, she at last could rest, but not too much, as the bird soon continues its trip to the park. Then, it stay near the little river where the ducks were swimming. The girl thought “Oh! So beautiful friends he has”, but not at all, as the ducks stop theirs subtle swimming and stared at the white and blue bird, so she leaved and went to another part of the river, while the girl thought “Nice animals the ducks are, but no so polite are they”. Then, at the other side of the river, the bird started to sing, but there get some doves which suddenly screamed so bad words that the bird had to leave again from that place.
The girl realized that the bird had no friends, so she went quickly to a store to buy some bread, but as she returned, the bird was already gone.

The next day, after the bird finished its song, the beautiful girl followed the bird just as yesterday, but this time it didn’t went to the same place as before. Now they arrive behind a church, where the bird stood upon a bench, and started to weep so the girl also throw some tears that covered her gorgeous face. In that very moment, she remembered that she was carrying a loaf of bread, so she gave a little piece of it to the singer animal.
After that, the bird made a bow and went to fly far away.

Next week, Anna, as she was called the girl, couldn’t spend time with her new friend as she was too busy because of school and personal issues. But every morning she was the first to listen with her ears, soul and hearth the choirs and vocals of every part of the song sang by the bird.
However, as the week continued, Anna discovered that in the songs of the animal were hidden messages, no one could understand them as they only heard with the ears and not with their soul and hearth. The joy she felt to hear the songs vanished from one day to another, as she began to understand the meaning of the choirs and vocals. So, the next week, Anna followed the bird to every part it was going, to the big building, to the park, the church, the restaurant, another church and finally, far away to her home. She didn’t eat anything but her curiosity was bigger than her hungry, so she run as fast as the wind to follow that miserable blue bird. She wasn’t paying attention to where she was going, until she fell from a slope, where she was hit by a numerous of rocks, branches and trees. She screamed loudly and sharply, but no one could hear that last scream of agony nor her last whisper of life.

Captura-de-pantalla-2014-09-29-a-las-13.40.15But the story does not end there, for the girl was woken up by the very nice and peaceful song of the bird. Anna was laying upon a big bed, full of white, yellow, gold and blue leanings. She was also surrounded by a lot of pillows of all sizes and colours. She didn’t knew where she was, so innocently she asked to the bird, which suddenly answered without hesitation -You are in my brother’s castle- Anna couldn’t understand what she has heard, she closed her eyes strongly hopping all was a dream, but it wasn’t. Afterwards, she wanted to know the castle, but the bird didn’t allow her as it answered -wait until dinner-.
After waiting so long hours, dinner arrive, and the beautiful girl could go downstairs and meet in the great hall the prince, I wanted to remember his name, but somehow I cannot. The gorgeous lady amused the prince, and all her beauty illuminated the whole hall. But then, he remember his curse and sit down with a pitiful expression, Anna asked why he was smiling as never and now he was sitting with that sad face. The prince answered -Milady, if you allow me to say, me and my sister are victims of a curse made by our jealous and greedy uncle, now she is a bird and I am a person without a heart, I am an immortal prince but without the ability to love or to be loved; my sister is a bird which songs so lovely, but she isn’t allow to have friends, every time she meet new creatures, they just put her out, our destiny is to suffer in this hidden castle in the woods-
Anna stood up in a rush and replied – That’s not true, I think your sister and I could be really good friends, and for you I could find out a solution later, but now I need to return to my home, my parents should be worried about my leaving- As the prince and princess did not have any magical powers, she had to walk to the next town and then take there a bus to the capital.
For so many days, the bird and Anna became so close. But one day, the bird woke up, but it has not any feather in its body, the sister named Diana jump with such joy and happiness along the corridors of the castle, as she had found a real true friend, her curse was broken. Now Anna and Diana could do many things as normal people do. The prince was happy about that, but also sad because he was afraid to live lonely and loveless. But Anna started to fancy the prince also, so she had a very brave idea, one in which both could day or survive. The prince didn’t mind the problems could happen, so Anna said – I have read a book of occultism, I do not know if all it says is real or fake, but I remember reading a spell in which the heart of a person is splitting in two in order to give one half of your heart to another person, a so complicated affair because if one of us does not really love the other person, the body will reject the half-heart of the other person and both will die-
The prince answered quickly -But I really love you-
-No, that’s something we do not know- replied Anna with a serious face -But I know how to tell if it is real or fake the love the one you feel for me-
-How? – asked the prince a bit nervous.
-You will need to catch me – Anna answered with a big silly smile.
-I don’t understand –
-I will run away from you, I will be in this country but maybe I will go to another one, I don’t know, but you have to catch me if you really one to be with me the rest of our lives, that will prove if you’re in love or not with me-

That was the cleverest way to find it out, and so both were running for years, the girl leaving clues and the prince trying to understand them. I don’t know how many years were, but maybe four or five, and finally she said the spell with caution and part of her heart went to the prince, there was a minute of silence between them, and suddenly the prince started breathing differently, his face and hands begun to feel the world, his cheeks blossom and both, Anna and the prince lived happily ever after. Also Anna and Diana continued being very good friends.



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